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SWTOR Playthrough Timeline: Which Class Happens When?

Welcome back, my beautiful freaks, to the Assassin's Den!

I've noticed a lot over the 5 and a half years I've been playing SWTOR that we get one question from a lot of new players; which order should I play the classes in? Well, today, I'm going to tell you, if you're not worried about the gameplay differences, this is the order you should run the classes if you want the story as it happens, and will be as spoiler free as possible.  Also, I'm going to be referring to the classes by their storyline, rather than their class name, because the two classes (Sentinel and Guardian, for example) under that storyline heading go through the same storyline. So, Knight, Consular, Smuggler, Trooper, Warrior, Inquisitor, Bounty Hunter and Agent.

First off, the Knight starts first, for several reasons.  The first reason is that the Consular's Tython ending references the Knight's Tython ending. The second reason?  The Sith Warrior can not start their Chapter 3 until the Knight has began their Chapter 3 due to one of the Knight companions being a catalyst for a title the Warrior gets in their Chapter 3.

Now, the other classes can start in any order at this point.  All of them reach the same point at about the same time, with a few minor things.  First off, if you're doing the Revan Flashpoints, which are Taral V and Maelstrom Prison (Republic version) and  Boarding Party and The Foundry (Empire Version), the Republic ones happen first, because Revan can't be in the Foundry if you didn't free him first in Maelstrom Prison. And if you're doing it as a Knight, you need to have gotten the "Go to Balmorra" questline, because there's a line that happens that references what you experienced just before that. All the other classes can go into these right at the end of Chapter 1.

Things go on as you'd expect, with the Republic slightly ahead in the story than the Empire is, until you hit Chapter 3. At that point, Imperial classes pull forward, with certain events happening that have consequences for the Republic classes.  For example, the Warrior's ending on Voss influences the Knight's questline there.  Furthermore, the Warrior's  companion quest for Pierce directly influences the Trooper's questline on Corellia. 

So, you're at the end of Chapter 3, on Corellia.  Which order should you complete this? Well, for all the classes, you could pretty much complete them in any order for the Imperials, though or the Bounty Hunter, you want to finish your class story there before finishing the planetary story, because the Bounty Hunter's quest giver mentions helping out the final planetary questline quest giver.

As for the Imperial ending? Well, the main concern is that the Inquisitor's antagonist makes a non-vocalized cameo in the Warrior's story, so the Inquisitor ends last.

As for the Republic, you can finish in any order, but you need to save the Knight for last. And you save the Knight for last because after a while, the Warrior gets an email from an NPC the Warrior meets in their story references the Knight's ending. You'll recognize what I mean when you see it.

As for post Chapter 3 content, the only major timeline specific thing that happens is that Republic Makeb happens before Imperial Makeb. After that, all one story with what is called "class flavor" where references to your accomplishments as that class are referenced in the future.

Now, before I go, I need to mention one thing; the Bounty Hunter's final mission. If you go Light Side at the end, there's a bug in way out. It tells you to take the escape pods, but they don't spawn as clickable items.  You NEED to go all the way back to the entrance of the instanced area, and exit onto your ship. And if you decide to skip this and just use the galaxy map to warp directly to the area you return to, the NPC you need to interact with doesn't spawn.  And at that point, you are unable to return to the instanced area you just left to do it the right way.  You're stuck.  Dark Side? The escape pods spawn properly there.

So, I hope this clears up most of the confusion regarding the order the class stories go in.  If you're playing one class to the end of the story, that's fine. In fact, that's the way I advise you to do so, because trying to keep up with the story beats as they happen can get REALLY frustrating with how often you're repeating the same quests over and over again.  But this should be a relatively good guide on "well, this is happening after this but before this."

But for now, stay beautiful freaks!

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SWTOR Character Tales: Ragdat's Darkest Days KOTFE 7-9

Welcome back, my beautiful freaks, to the Assassin's Den!  Today, we get to the part of the story that are either partially written, or completely unwritten for

As everyone entered the bridge, Ragdat waited just outside the door for Koth.  And when Koth got within vocal range, Ragdat apologized for yelling at Koth on Asylum over something as minor as the "Outlander thing", explaining that he so happened to call him that at the worst possible time.  Koth was taken aback, but apologized for calling him that, saying that it was hard to change the fact that, outside Lana, everyone called him "Outlander".  Ragdat explains why "Outlander" bothered him; it means "person who is foreign to me" with an "and they are lesser for it" connotation.  Koth was getting to know Ragdat, and was learning that not only was Ragdat not lesser than Koth, but only wanted to help and make things better.  And that hurt Ragdat that he still refused to even catch himself calling Ragdat "Outlander".  Koth again apologized, saying he WAS trying, and that he'd try a little harder.

Both men looked at the other for a few moments, before Koth admitted "We're never going to like each other, are we?"  Ragdat nodded, but said that didn't mean they couldn't work together, and took a moment to praise something that Ragdat admired about Koth; Koth's ability to command a starship and the people serving on it, and Koth took a moment to admit that he admired Ragdat's ability to inspire and lead.  Both agreed that, if they focused on that, they could work together despite their issues.

As soon as this was done, they entered the bridge and saw Senya standing there, back to them.  Senya plainly said that she knew they had concerns, and she was right; Koth about her loyalties, and Ragdat was concerned that she might be a Child of the Emperor after what he had learned from Kira and Vedere. Senya may be a sleeper agent for Vitiate without even knowing it.

Koth ranted about Senya and her willingness to fight her children, Senya saying that she accepted responsibility for what they were doing, and also accepted responsibility for being a good parent and stopping them.

Ragdat, finally sick of Koth's ranting, said they were ignoring the bigger threat; Vitiate himself.  Koth balked at this notion, saying he brought "security and direction to Zakuul", and Ragdat replied he tried killing every living thing in the galaxy.  And in case Koth wasn't paying attention, Ragdat said, that included Zakuul.  He also mentioned, when Senya brought up how cold "Valkorian" had gotten toward their children, that was the exact timeframe when Vitiate was ramping up his plan to do just that.

Koth still did not believe the notion that his "Immortal Emperor" was a monster, though Senya, who had been close to him, was more willing to accept it.  Thankfully, before the argument could continue, HK informed them that T7 had found intel on "The Lady of Sorrow", who had been searching for information on the Gravestone, and wanted to meet Ragdat.  Ragdat took Senya to the shuttle, since the zone they were headed, the Old World District, was controlled by a Force Sensitive cult called the Heralds of Zildrog, and Ragdat figured a Force user would have an easier time getting through there than anyone else.

Before they could depart, however, Lana pulled Ragdat aside and gave her summation on the situation; that right now, trust was hard to come by, and Ragdat needed to put in the effort.  Ragdat gave Lana his assessment; Senya, so long as they continued to work toward stopping her children, would continue to help, even with the plan to destroy Vitiate. Koth, however? He was not on board with destroying Vitiate, and Ragdat was worried that he may try to hinder that.  Lana, who knew Koth, said that he desired peace more than anything, and after enough time, she'd be able to convince him of Vitiate's danger.  When they were done, Ragdat headed down to the shuttle bay to meet Senya.

During the shuttle trip to a drainage tunnel going to the swamp from the city, Ragdat heard Senya humming a tune he didn't recognize, and upon landing, she was fully singing it.  And by the context, she thinking about her "romance" with Vitiate as Valkorian.  This dampened Ragdat's spirits, because he knew that he'd need to bring up the ritual Vitiate performed on both himself and his Pureblood Sith companion, Scourge.

  Senya told Ragdat that the Old World District was very much like Nar Shaddaa, a haven for criminals, but mentioned that she did like the aesthetic, praising Vitiate's vision for Zakuul.  This piked Ragdat's curiosity over Senya's relationship with Vitiate-as-Valkorian, and it would have been heartwarming if it wasn't for the fact one of the parties was a monster who was faking all emotions to manipulate the feelings of a young woman.  And it was even more tragic when they had children; they begged for the approval of that emotionless monster, and received none of it.  It was no wonder that Arcann was overwhelmed with jealousy and Vaylin was driven to insanity.  Moreso when Senya told Ragdat just how powerful Vaylin was at the start, and what Vitiate did to get her power under control.  The family was broken even before it was formed, and it tore at Ragdat's heartstrings.

Senya continued to tell Ragdat about how, when she finally realized the kind of monster she had married, she chose to leave, and take the kids with her. And they laughed at her; Arcann and his twin Thexan called her weak, and when Senya tried to take her daughter, she stayed where she was at, even though they were, at the time, torturing her.  So, Senya chose to leave on her own, working in the outer parts of their territory, having no contact with her children since.

It was this moment when Ragdat chose to place the final nail in the coffin of her relationship with "Valkorian"; he told her of how, around 1500 years ago, Valkorian, in his original Pureblood Sith body, enacted a ritual that drained all the life, even the Force, from the world of Medriaas, and made his soul immortal at the expense of all emotion, save for fear and anger, the two emotions that fed the Dark Side within him.  No joy, no sadness, nothing but emptiness. And Ragdat said he knew this because of the ritual that was performed on Scourge was the same, giving him the same experience.

Senya turned away from Ragdat, attempting to process his words, but Ragdat had to ensure that Senya understood that he wasn't trying to hurt her; he said "For what it's worth, I know what it's like to love someone that doesn't love you back," thinking about all his time with Kaliyo on Rattatak and how she just used him for her own benefit, like she did with many others since, according to what he'd heard.

Thankfully, T7 rolled in to the room, distracting them and getting their minds back on the task at hand; finding the Lady of Sorrows.  Ragdat was glad to see his old droid companion, and asked if T7 had heard anything from their friends, though unfortunately, T7 had not. He'd been working for Lana for years now, and Kira, Doc, Rusk and Scourge had all gone their separate ways before that.

Once actually getting out of the sewers and into the district, Senya went to meet a contact, so Ragdat and T7 went off to use some terminals to triangulate the location of the Lady by tapping into surveillance feeds.  And at one point, when T7 went to meet a droid contact of his, Vitiate appeared and tried talking to Ragdat, but Ragdat refused to respond.  And even though Vitiate pushed, knowing that Ragdat was thinking of Senya's reveal, he eventually relented when Ragdat continued to show him silence.

After tapping into a few more surveillance feeds with T7, Senya called on Ragdat's holo and told him to meet her at her current location. T7, who had more objectives to complete, left Ragdat to his own devices, and Ragdat followed the map he was given to a bar not far from where he was at.  He was met by several lightsaber wielding thugs who utilized the Force in battle. Senya mentioned they were called the Heralds of Zildrog, once a local cult that was now more violent gang vying for territory.

Senya went up to her contact and began to interrogate him, and Ragdat recognized the Force technique she was using; it was a way to cause pain in a target without doing lasting harm.  It was a technique that Ragdat had learned about at his training facility when he was an initiate; he saw a small group of adult Jedi around a group of children, or younglings as they were called, and the children were writhing on the floor in agony.  Ragdat immediately stormed over there out of concern for the children, and the Master in charge informed Ragdat of what they were doing.  Apparently, the technique was meant to teach younglings how to cope with pain without actually doing damage.  The technique stimulated the nerves inside the target's body to cause pain, either in a wide area or in a localized area, at varying intensities so the younglings understood how to deal with pain without giving in to anger or fear. And this lesson on coping with pain was for two main reasons; to recognize the body's signals so they could tell when something was injured or sick and give them knowledge of when to focus on healing, and to teach a child to tolerate pain in combat, because, as the Master told him, they were all required to defend themselves regardless of their aptitudes, and that required a degree of pain tolerance.

Ragdat was still not completely convinced of the intentions of the lesson, bringing up the children who were crying in agony on the floor.  The Master stated that these children pushed themselves too far in what they thought they could handle, and were paying the consequences, though the Masters there were helping them ease the pain; that no matter what was done, these Jedi cared about them.  The Master also brought up something that Ragdat hadn't thought of; how all species children had to learn how to cope with pain and suffering and recognizing when something was wrong with them bodies.  He mentioned that Ragdat, who was an adult student, had likely learned those lessons the hard way, though sickness and injuries, when he was their age.  Ragdat couldn't deny that, remembering how brutal growing up on Rattatak was, and how he still had some lingering issues due to childhood injuries he'd suffered in his clan's leaders trying to "toughen him up".

Ragdat was snapped back to the present just as he remembered that the Master praised Ragdat for his concern for the younglings when Senya used the technique a second time; this wasn't a teaching moment. This was torture.  But just as Ragdat was about to speak out against it, the bartender gave the information that Senya wanted and directed them to another contact; a human woman named Mona Gale, a gambling promoter about a few hundred meters down the road.  Senya began questioning her upon their arrival, and Mona chose to mock Senya, and demanding to know who Ragdat was. He was just about to use the Force to influence her mind, to tell her that she "didn't need to know who he was", when Arcann made an announcement about "the Outlander that destroyed a power planet that knocked out power to many city blocks and his accomplice Senya", showing holos of them, Mona Gale and everyone around them immediately looked at Ragdat with fear.  Mona told Senya where they needed to head next; Breaktown.  Ragdat thanked them, and he and Senya started off toward the train there.  Senya joked that that announcement gave them some clout, and Ragdat mentioned that being feared by law abiding citizens was not something that a Jedi wanted.

The two fought through Breaktown before being stopped by Koth, saying that the Heralds would respond better to "regular people" than a Knight of Zakuul.  Ragdat's thoughts, however, were about getting through the sector; the Heralds had shown themselves to be trained Force users, and based on what he saw, Koth lacked the specialized training and equipment needed for a Force blind to combat a trained Force user; no lightsaber resistant armor, no fire or electricity based ammunition, and no sniping ability. Koth wore average clothes for a spacer and wielded a slightly modified blaster rifle.  Ragdat told Koth as much, stressing that Ragdat was thinking about Koth's safety more than anything else, and led Senya into the district.

After a few dozen fights, Ragdat and Senya finally met the leader of the Heralds, a human male filled with Dark Side corruption they called "The Exalted". Ragdat knew that, when dealing with slaves to the Dark Side like this, he'd need to show a bit of strength in order for them to understand his power in any negotiation.

The interaction went as Ragdat expected; Senya threatened the Heralds, the Exalted threatening Senya, and Ragdat doing is best to defuse the situation while still maintaining an aura of strength.  He could tell that lightsabers were about to be drawn when a Nautolan appeared on holo, demanding that the Exalted stop, and showed that The Lady of Sorrow had captured his son, and told Ragdat where to meet them.  Ragdat, who thought it strange that a Nautolan was living on a human world this far from her home planet, was ready to head off, but still remained prepared for the expected treachery from these slaves to the Dark Side.

Ragdat wasn't disappointed the Exalted, despite being ordered not to by the Nautolan, ordered his men to kill Ragdat and Senya, and they were force to fight their way out and toward the Lady's base. On the way, they were met by two of Senya's former brethren in the Knights; one of which Ragdat recognized the voice of.  Apparently, Vaylin had killed his original partner, and it was driving him to the Dark Side, as evidenced by his yellow eyes.

Ragdat and Senya dueled them, with Ragdat once again noticing the same flaws in their technique that Vitiate brought with him into this insular society, and dispatched his opponent quickly because of it.  However, instead of killing them like the fallen Knight expected, Ragdat simply had them tied up and knocked out while he and Senya rode the turbolift up to the Lady's penthouse apartment.

Once there, they were met by Koth, whom the Lady had shown to have captured earlier on the holo, and a droid model that Ragdat recognized from Yavin; the one with the strange crown and female features.  The droid, SCORPIO as Ragdat learned, recognized Ragdat as the Battlemaster of the Jedi Order, killed the Exalted with a shock from her systems and then asked what Ragdat would do with his son, whom she had captured to lure the Exalted himself to her.  Ragdat was torn; by his red eyes and pale skin, the boy as as much an unrepentant slave of the Dark Side as his father.  On the other, he also knew that a being could be corrupted to the Dark Side by no fault of their own, as had been done with him, Leeha Narezz, Tol Braga and Warren Sedoru many years ago.

Ragdat said that, without his father's influence, the boy might find redemption, and he should be given that chance. SCORPIO agreed with Ragdat's choice, but let him go for her own reasons, and told the Nautolan, now revealed as "Thea" to continue her operations in her stead, leaving SCORPIO free to join Ragdat. SCORPIO revealed two reasons for joining; one, she wanted to talk to the Gravestone, and the other was that Arcann had "taken something of her's."

The return to the Gravestone bridge was as unpleasant as Ragdat expected; Koth argued with SCORPIO, HK-55 threatened to shoot SCORPIO, tempers flared.  Ragdat got fed up with it and walked out of the bridge, and Lana followed, informing Ragdat about the people offering to ally with Ragdat now that it was known that he was awake.  Ragdat joked that it might be fun to have people not looking down on him for once, but before the conversation could continue, Lana got a comm from the Scion Heskal, telling Ragdat to come alone once they landed on Asylum.  Ragdat headed up that way with his faithful companion T7-01, and were met by Heskal being held in place with the Force in the middle of the room they had fought days earlier.  His body was then tossed aside, revealing that Arcann was there.  Arcann revealed that Heskal had betrayed Ragdat to Arcann, and Arcann offered a peace agreement; he'd let the people Ragdat had gathered to, but Arcann got the Gravestone. Ragdat, in the meantime, would be returned to carbonite while his people researched the means to remove and destroy his father.

Ragdat knew the truth, however; Arcann had no intention of removing Vitiate from Ragdat's mind. He wanted his father as a trophy now. Ragdat "agreed" and was given a moment to "tell his forces to stand down".  Ragdat turned around and activated his comm, but instead of telling his forces to stand down, he warned them that Arcann was here and ready to fight.  Ragdat spun around while drawing and activating his lightsaber, and prepared for battle.

The battle went the way Ragdat expected; Arcann exhibited the same flaws in his style that his father did on Dromund Kaas and Ziost, though he chained Force abilities into his attack sequences more freely than his father. But with Ragdat's strong telekinetic barriers protecting him from being tossed around, Ragdat managed to out duel Arcann and tossed him through the wall as the roof collapsed.

Ragdat and T7 made their way back to the docks, only to see Heskal being dragged by a couple of Knights. Ragdat struck them down, and Heskal said, as he lied there dying, that "everything was happening as forseen". This upset Ragdat; he stated that according to the Jedi, the future was always in motion and that no vision was ever absolute.  "You doomed people for a possible future, not an absolute one."  Heskal, however, continued to smile as he died, justified in his vision of the "glorious future".

Ragdat and T7 continued down toward the docks, only to find out he had to head back up to unlock the docking clamps.  He was forced to flee when Senya challenged Vaylin in order to fight his way up to the docking clamps. He and Lana were eventually met by Koth and former Havoc Squad member Tanno Vik and his gang.  Lana stayed behind to defend the entrance while Ragdat and Koth headed up toward a warehouse landing pad for a transport ship that would take them up to the tower they needed to get to.

Unfortunately, Koth again showed his loyalty to Vitiate when he asked if he had any tips for Ragdat. Ragdat again condemned Vitiate, and vocalized his worry about Koth still worshiping a monster even after Ragdat and Lana telling him what he did and what he tried to do on a galactic scale.  Koth said "He was always good to Zakuul," and Ragdat replied with "A serial murderer who is a good father to a favored child is no less a serial murderer."

After landing, Koth and Ragdat stopped at the tram needed to get Ragdat to the docking controls, and Koth and HK-55 stayed at the start of the tram to defend it.  Ragdat reached the platform and let loose the Gravestone, only for his danger sense to alert him of Arcann's presence. Ragdat dodged Arcann's strike and activating his own lightsaber to begin this final duel.  He continued to exploit the weaknesses in Arcann's style, while HK-55, who had taken the tram up to assist Ragdat since was taking too long, fired upon the Zakuulan Emperor as they fought. Eventually, Arcann got fed up with the droid and used his power to destroy it. However, at this moment, Ragdat saw a Shatterpoint that would allow him the opportunity to disarm Arcann and take him prisoner.

Of course, Vitiate saw the Shatterpoint from inside Ragdat, and chose this moment to again make his presence known and dissipated the Shatterpoint, and "offered" Ragdat his power, saying he risked death if he didn't take it. Ragdat knew that Vitiate was only trying to manipulate him, again denied the power Vitiate offered, but when Vitiate disappeared, Ragdat noticed something different; his telekinetic barrier had suddenly been dropped. And Arcann, who had apparently noticed this, reached out with the Force and grabbed Ragdat, and pulled him toward Arcann, impailing Ragdat on his lightsaber.

Arcann took that moment to taunt Vitiate, shouting "Feel that, Father?", but Ragdat just grinned.  "He doesn't feel anything, Arcann. Not pain, not joy, nothing." And while speaking this, Ragdat gathered telekinetic energy and let loose with a Force Repulse, knocking Arcann off the platform and into the depths below.

It was then that Koth made his presence known, helping Ragdat down to the docks, where he passed out on the bridge.

He woke up many hours later, surrounded by the allies he had gathered, save for the destroyed HK-55.  His allies had recovered the droid's body, but his memory core had been destroyed. They also told him where they were and informed him of the allies they had gathered. Ragdat took a moment to look at Koth and told him that, if it hadn't been for his Immortal Emperor, they'd have been able to capture Arcann before this war had even started, and explained exactly what happened before Koth found him.  Ragdat did not relent and stated that, as long as Vitiate was in his mind, he'd be unable to defeat Arcann unless it directly benefited Vitiate's plan. This took Koth aback, trying to rationalize the benevolent Emperor that he knew with the actions he had taken during this battle with his son, and how it prolonged the coming conflict.

After leaving the ship, Ragdat indeed saw the gathering of the people there; Republic, Imperials, Jedi, Sith and all sorts of criminals and mercenaries.  Ragdat looked around for something to get everyone's attention, and found it with a giant drill they would use to create an entrance for the facility that was partially built behind them.  He activated it, and started in on a rousing speech of how they needed to work together for a better future.  Once he was done, he went off with Lana, Koth and Senya to begin to make plans for this new Alliance base and the structure; there would be a Commander of the Alliance to make executive decisions about the path they would take, a circle of advisors for the Commander, and people to run the day to day operations.  Ragdat didn't know the role he was going play in this Alliance, but he assumed he'd be some kind of rallying figure at the very least.

In the coming days, Ragdat met some of the members of the Alliance, including some old friends and allies.  He met Vedere Marr, last member of the Jedi Council and acting Grandmaster, who told him of the fate of the Jedi Order during the war; they experienced heavy losses after Satele Shan disappeared and continued to do so for many years after, leaving only the Jedi she had brought into the Alliance with her.  He met Darth Nox, who was no longer a member of the Dark Council, but still had access to much of her former resources, and was giving the Alliance access to her resources and research.  He met Colonel Amelisan Strannos, who had been promoted since the last time he saw her, but was frustrated that she was forced behind a desk instead of being allowed to do field work.  He met the Mandalorian Maircus, who still worked as a Bounty Hunter, but was angry that many of his targets were now in Zakuulan space and that his former employers lacked the funds to pay him.  He met the Pirate Queen Curoda Riggs, now married to her companion Corso, who continued to lead a criminal resistance to the Eternal Empire, and was now offering her assets to the centralized Alliance to bring the fight to Zakuul.  And strangely, Ragdat met Adaso, former Emperor's Wrath, who had lost nearly everything to the Eternal Empire and Acinna's treachery.  What Ragdat found most strange, however, was how Adaso was now over his grudge with Ragdat; Ragdat had been dead for five years, Adaso said, so he got used to the idea of how stupid his grudge was after what Vitiate did.  However, he still wished to duel Ragdat, but not to the death, and not until he was free of Vitiate's influence.

Once the construction was nearing completion, Lana informed him that the last of the Alliance inner circle had arrived and wanted to meet Ragdat; Theron Shan, former SIS operative.  They spoke for a while about things that Lana didn't have the answer to, and Theron showed Ragdat another thing he had retrieved; his old Defender starship.  And when he went to inspect the ship, Ragdat was met by another member of the Alliance; Jedi Master Daashla Myr, whom he had met briefly during his early training.  She had tested Ragdat to determine if Ragdat was going to require her special brand of training to help him control his darker, more violent impulses, or if he could be trained by another master. She deemed him "safe" to be trained by another, and didn't take on a Padawan until a few years ago.  And in the last five years, Daashla Myr had been gathering displaced Padawans and helped them get over the darker emotions that they were unprepared for thanks to this war.

Once this was done, Ragdat met the leaders of the specific aspects of the Alliance; Admiral Bey'wan Aygo of the Republic fleet, whom he had served with during the battle of Kuat, as the the one in charge of his military, Hylo Visz, who was in charge of getting supplies and funds, Doctor Oggurrobb, the Hutt who helped him on Makeb in charge of science, and the Voss Mystic Sana-Rae in charge of matters pertaining to the Force.  Ragdat wasn't too pleased when he was introduced to Sana-Rae, but when Master Vedere said that making a neutral party their Force advisor was her idea, he relented.  From here, Ragdat was told that there was a party going on in the cantina upstairs and that Ragdat was asked to make an appearance, he agreed, figuring that it would be a good idea for their rallying figure to be seen as a "man of the people".  From here, he took Theron aside and continued his conversation from earlier.  Once they were done, the party was winding down, Ragdat headed back into the facility to find Senya standing by his ship's hangar, musing about the future. She told Ragdat what Vaylin told her while on Asylum; that her other son, Thexan, wasn't killed in battle in the Core Worlds. It was Arcann who killed him out a fit of jealousy and rage.  This affirmed her desire to stop her children before heading off. It was then that Vitiate made his presence known, and asked Ragdat what kind of future he saw for the galaxy, and Ragdat was blunt, saying "A future without you." and was about to storm off when he felt a disturbance in the Force; he grabbed the lightsaber of his belt and activated it, holding it at the throat of the stealthed figure behind him, saying "Bad idea sneaking up on me."

The stealthed figure uncloaked, revealing herself as Gua'llisan'ireshoth, or Allisani as she asked to be called, was the former Cipher Agent that had sent him a message so many years ago. She claimed to be an agent of a being called "the Specter", and told Ragdat that he'd have access to all the Specter's resources. And just as she was leaving, she left a warning; do not trust SCORPIO. She's always shady at best, and if he ever thinks she's being direct, she's not.

Ragdat took a moment to ponder this until he got a message from Lana to meet him in the military hanger.  Once there, Lana led him back to the main area of the base and told him that he was now the Alliance Commander himself.  He was not only the rallying figure for the Alliance, but the one calling the shots.  Ragdat took this new title with the same level of gravity and responsibility that he had taken the other ones he had before, save for "the Outlander", and gave a rousing speech to his people.

The next entry will be short; it will be mostly Ragdat going with one of the other Player Characters and meeting the Alliance Specialists, which will allow him to skip the annoying aspects of their recruitment. And yes, Ragdat will be getting both M1-4X and Pierce.  For now, look forward to it, and stay beautiful freaks!

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SWTOR Character Tales: Ragdat's Darkest Days Abridged: KOTFE 1-6

Welcome back, my beautiful freaks, to the Assassin's Den!  It's time for Ragdat's Darkest Days Remastered!  Now, since this is still from Ragdat's perspective, I'll still be using "Vitiate" over "Valkorian" to refer to him.

Our story begins when Ragdat steps off of his Defender starship with the love of his life, Kira Carsen.  After a bit of banter, Ragdat grabs her hand, and makes a declaration; that after this is all over, when the Sith Emperor Vitiate is done forever, he's going to make their relationship official to everyone and get married.  Kira blushes, but wholeheartedly agrees.

After Kira returns to the Defender, Ragdat makes his way to the bridge of Darth Marr's ship, only to begin sensing the presence of his old enemy.  As he and Darth Marr begin to plan, Marr's ship is attacked by strange ships with strange troops.  Ragdat heads to combat the troops, droids as he discovers, wading through blaster fire and directing the shots back at his foes.  After rescuing both Republic and Imperial troops, Ragdat is informed to return to the bridge, only to find that the Defender is stuck; no one can get in or out.  After releasing the docking clamp, Ragdat is forced to regretfully inform Kira that he can't get out.  Kira, who shouts at him that she won't leave him behind, is forced to do when Ragdat that they're Jedi and both have a job to do. And in their last words, the both profess their love for the other and a promise to find the other.

Ragdat heads to where Darth Marr was located, which was down in engineering, and fought along side him until they got to the terminal near the hyperdrive. Supercharging the shields, Ragdat orders the crew to abandon ship, but Ragdat and Marr are unable to get to safety themselves. The attackers take the ship, capturing Ragdat and Marr and bringing them to the being they've been searching for; Vitiate, though using a new name, Valkorian.  On the way, they meet Arcann, Vitiate's son and slave to the Dark Side like Vitiate himself, and the blind seer Heskal.

Vitiate begins offering power to Ragdat and Marr, and both refuse, but for different reasons. Marr, refusing to bend knee to Vitiate again, holds true to his own philosophy and accepts death. Ragdat, holding true to his Jedi ideals, also refuses, but Arcann chooses this moment to attack his father when told to execute him, giving Ragdat's lightsaber back to him, and allowing Ragdat to strike down Vitiate's new body.

This is where Ragdat's Darkest Days truly begins, because Vitiate releases a great deal of power, knocking Ragdat out, allowing Arcann take Vitiate's throne and to toss Ragdat into carbonite, where Ragdat is forced to dream of Vitiate. Vitiate tries to convince Ragdat of his philosophy, but Ragdat fights back with philosophy and combat when necessary. Eventually, Ragdat is awoken by a woman that he first confuses with Kira, but turns out to be Lana Beniko with a new hairdo and a new outfit that lets her go unnoticed better, as well as his old friend, the astromech T7-01.  She leads Ragdat out of the facility, and just as they are about to leave, Lana's partner, Koth Vortena, contacts them via radio.  Koth, a product of Zakuulan society, immediately annoys Ragdat when he calls Ragdat "Outlander", a term that Arcann called him and, as he finds out later, blames for all of what he's done and will continue to do to the rest of the galaxy.

Ragdat and Lana continue to fight their way to Koth, Ragdat performing some impressive physical feats when he bisects a walker droid, however, he does not nail the landing and knocks himself out.  Awoken by Lana within moments, they continue to fight their way to Koth, but not before Ragdat is forced to shut down a reactor that would have destroyed several city blocks if he hadn't.  But before they could board Koth's ship, Ragdat and Lana are forced to fight two Knights of Zakuul, where Ragdat is finally able to analyze their fighting style; Form VI lightsaber combat, or Niman.  This gave them an answer to everything, but mastery over nothing.

Ragdat and Lana defeated them their enemies their own way, forcing one to retreat, but Lana was about to choke the life out one before Ragdat stopped her.  Moments later, they were met by Vitiate's daughter, Vaylin.  They were about to engage Vaylin and her Knights, but Koth Vortena opened fire with his ship's cannons.  Vaylin used the Force to rip a piece of walkway to hold off the shots. Lana escapes, but while Ragdat is jumping, Vaylin throws the metal at the ship, forcing it away, and Ragdat is about to plummet to his doom, only to be saved by an HK-55 unit.  It is here where Ragdat finds out that he's been in carbonite for five years, and his first thoughts were of Kira, and how he was supposed to marry her when he returned.

They head out of the city, crashing into the swamp, and is given time to get to know Koth and HK a little before heading into the swamp.  And while Koth and Lana choose to set a trap for any Skytrooper droids that search for them, Ragdat and HK headed into the swamp to find the "technological object" that HK had detected, and was informed that HK's new highest priority was the protection of Ragdat.  Upon finding the object, Koth started freaking out over it being the Gravestone, a ship from Zakuulan legend.  Ragdat and Lana, who didn't know the legends, did accept that this was going to be the best means get off the planet.

Ragdat, with Koth at his side, cleared out large insects from the ship, which allowed Koth the time and space he needed to look over the condition of the combat frigate, mentioning that they might be able to find the parts needed to do the necessary repairs to get the Gravestone space-born, and Lana mentioned that they might want to hunt through the swamp for fresh water and access to safe food.    Ragdat went with Lana first, who helped him get up to date on current events over the last five years; the Sith Empire and Republic no longer had the political, financial or military power to fight Arcann's Eternal Fleet, and were forced to pay a heavy tribute of credits and resources, and Kira was missing.

Upon returning to the ship, Ragdat followed Koth through the swamp, searching for some parts he had jettisoned before the crash, though, upon finding the last cache, mentioned his belief in destiny.  Ragdat, who had the "gift" of Foresight, knew that you couldn't guarantee that what you saw was definitely going to happen; "destiny" and "visions" were suggestions for possible futures, rather than a definite future.

Upon returning to the Gravestone and helping Lana and Koth clear out stuff on the ship and help repair it, he found himself heading down a few decks and ended up in front of, what he learned later, was a control node for the Zakuulan "machine god", Zildrog, where Vitiate chose to show himself as a ghostly form and started talking to Ragdat.  He talked about the downfalls of his children and told Ragdat that he needed to kill them, but Ragdat was certain that the only way to both stop them and stop Vitiate was to neutralize them while keeping them alive.

However, before any philosophical debate could take place, the ship was attacked by the Skytroopers. Ragdat took Lana outside to fight them off while Koth got the ship off the ground.  They fought side by side for a bit, until one of the Knights flew in on a speeder, dropped a thermal detonator at the feet of several Skytroopers, and jumped off, igniting a unique lightsaber; one with an electrum guard.  And since electrum was rare and, among the Jedi Order, an indication of Mastery of either the Force or the lightsaber, he knew this woman was special. In fact, Ragdat, a Battlemaster and lightsaber form instructor, had earned the right himself, but chose not to due to seeing himself as a battlefield Master, rather than a Council or Temple Master.

The three fought the Skytroopers and Knights until Vitiate chose to freeze time and lie to Ragdat; that if Ragdat didn't relinquish control of his body for a few moments, Lana would die to an unavoidable lightsaber strike to her shoulder.  Ragdat refused, of course, and just after Lana was injured, Koth and HK exited the ship and gunned the individual who struck Lana down, as well as the others that Ragdat, Lana and the Knight that Ragdat now knew to be Senya Tirall, hadn't gotten to.  And after a brief argument between Koth and Lana over Senya joining their crew, HK reminded them that they were not safe.

Ragdat, Lana and Senya all waited outside the ship and used the Force to life the ship out of the muck, before leaping up to the airlock and leaving the planet.  But of course, they weren't safe yet. Ragdat had to run down to the main cannon and fire it, annihilating many ships ahead of them before they were able to get into hyperspace. Unfortunately, they had to perform a blind hyperspace jump, which burned out the hyperdrive, which hadn't been used in centuries, as well as the Gravestone's main cannon.  Luckily, they were within sublight engine range to get to a safe haven, a space station known as Asylum.

After returning to the bridge, Ragdat saw the three humans arguing.  Senya and Koth didn't get along due to a shared past, and Koth was upset that Lana hid her allying with Senya.  Ragdat decided that was too much for him and just chose to find a place to meditate. After doing so, Ragdat went and talked to Lana and dressed her wounds, then went to talk to Koth, who annoyed him further,  when he said "Don't forget who dropped everything to get you out of the Spire.", a clear attempt to play on Ragdat's emotions. Ragdat, however, shot back that out of the two Zakuulans, Senya wasn't the one who talked down to him before leaving to talk to Senya.

Senya was at the Zildrog control node, and they introduced themselves to each other.  Senya mentioned an appreciation of the Jedi philosophy even though it didn't work for her, and Ragdat felt comfortable to bring up how Arcann had forced him and Kira, the woman he loved, apart. Senya offered compassion, and mentioned how she had some personal reasons for wanting to bring Arcann down, though Ragdat could tell she wasn't ready to tell him why.

A few hours later, the Gravestone had docked with in Asylum, and after marching out the cargo hold door, Ragdat was immediately met a group of humans.  The humans appeared hostile, demanding entrance to the ship, and Ragdat responded by activating his lightsaber and said "No one's getting on this ship without my permission." Seeing the standoff, Koth ran up to Ragdat and assured him that they were Koth's people.  Ragdat stood down, but took a moment to chastise Koth for not telling him what was going on; Ragdat could have easily killed Koth's crew, Ragdat explained.

After a brief conversation with Corporal Ralo, the Republic soldier from Darth Marr's ship that he'd saved, Ragdat was asked to find the final member of Koth's crew, a human named Tora. HK had Tora's information in his databanks, and Ragdat and HK headed into the so called "Free Zone" to retrieve her.  After fighting through a bunch of gangsters, Ragdat was met by Tora, who was signified by her blue hair and obnoxious laugh, and Sergeant Tanno Vik of the special forces unit Havoc Squad.  Ragdat respected Vik for what he'd done during the war under Major Strannos, another person he respected, for taking down General Rakton and the Dread Masters, so he was sad to hear he wasn't military anymore. 

Ragdat rolled his eyes over how stupid the argument was; Tora refused to pay for the weapons she bought, and Vik, now a gangster, wanted to kill her.  Ragdat said they were both being ridiculous, and ordered Tora to pay what she agreed to and apologize for insulting his dead mother.  Vik was perturbed that he couldn't afford to be weak, and Ragdat reminded him that he negotiated a deal in his favor from a Jedi Master.  Vik agreed, and all parties parted ways, but not without some choice words from Tora, who claimed she'd never apologized in her life. Ragdat sarcastically retorted "Thank you Ragdat for saving my life. That Weequay with special forced training and experience would have killed me if you hadn't shown up!" Tora, admitting defeat, just thank Ragdat, who then directed her toward the Gravestone.

A few minutes later, Ragdat and HK were met by Senya, who led them into the Scions' compound. However, an ion charge knocked out HK, and this was met by Ragdat immediately drawing his lightsaber and dropping into a forward guard position.  He didn't trust Senya or these Scions at this point, and wasn't afraid to let them know that. 

As it turned out, these Scions were confused that they couldn't read Ragdat's future, and wanted to know why, but what really surprised Ragdat was that Senya stood at Ragdat's side, not the Scions.  Unfortunately, these Scions believed like the Sith and Voss about visions; they were absolute certainties, and not like the Jedi, who believed that visions were suggestions about possible futures, and that the future was always in motion.

Ragdat and Senya fought through the Scions' "tests", doing their best not to harm them, before meeting Heksal, the leader.  Ragdat recognized Heskal, but he could also feel the overwhelming darkness within him, meaning his vision was tainted.  Ragdat flat out said that so long as Heskal said he must, he would refuse to kill Arcann, because he would not be a part of Heskal's dark designs.  This brought on the duel between then, where, just as Ragdat saw the Shatterpoint that would allow him an easy victory, Vitiate chose to freeze time, causing the Shatterpoint to disappear as he offered Ragdat power. Ragdat refused, angry that Vitiate cost him an easy victory, and continued dueling Heskal.

The duel ended with Heskal's defeat, and Ragdat said that the Scions' tainted when Senya said they needed the Scions.  This is when Lana, Koth and his men came up behind them, and demanded they disarm.  Heskal claimed that every moment since they landed on Asylum, even this moment, had been foreseen, and asked Ragdat about how he'd fix the galaxy when he won, and Ragdat essentially said "Whatever way denies your dark visions and helps those being hurt". And this is when Vitiate decided to make his presence in the Force known, which created chaos among them all. Heskal, the Scions and Koth were all elated that "Valkorian" was alive, while Lana, whom he'd told about Vitiate invading his mind in the Endless Swamp, was appropriately concerned. 

However, the building anger in Ragdat erupted when Koth called him "Outlander", causing him shout in Koth's face about why that term bothered him.  He then clearly spelled out what "Valkorian" had done as Vitiate, as well as what he tired to do on Belsavis, Voss and Corellia before he stopped him on Dromund Kaas, and was just about to storm out before Senya revealed that she was Arcann and Vaylin's mother.  Ragdat knew at this moment that he needed to cool off, and returned to the Gravestone to meditate.

And with this post, I'm at the point where I've covered the events of Ragdat's Darkest Days as they were when I made the decision to do it this way. I've since removed the story from, and you'll find the future content in groups of 3 chapters; 7-9 will close out KOTFE launch day, and will re-introduce my other player characters in that universe.

For now, stay beautiful freaks!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

SWTOR Character Tales: Change in Plans

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So, as you can see from the title, I'm changing how I'm going to do Ragdat's Darkest Days and Rise of Mamine; over the next few days, I'm going to be getting my notes together for those stories, and then just posting those as a summary version of those two stories in my blog. Doing this will let me free up some head space and get the stories done faster, while still allowing me to focus on my book. It will also let me continue their stories beyond their planned end; I was going to stop at the end of KOTET, but now, I can more easily tackle Iokath and the Traitor saga, as well as any new stories for these two characters.

However, this means that I'll be taking down the stories from and updating the final chapter of Character Tales to direct them here to see their continued adventures, as I won't be finishing them there. And as with my two previous stories that I realized that I wasn't going to finish, my "KOTOR Version 2" saga, I feel it's better to just take them down and be done with them.

Now, does this mean I'm taking down my Mass Effect story? No.  Chronicles of Ana Shepard was always a "back burner" type of story, where I write when I feel like it, and it'll be done when it's done.  Unlike the SWTOR stories, I feel no pressure to get the story out. 

With that in mind, if you're a sub, check out my referral code, and stay beautiful freaks!

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Assassin's Den Reviews: The Last Jedi

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Now, if you follow me on twitter, you know that I saw The Last Jedi yesterday.  And I'll be blunt; I like it, and I have no idea where all the fandom hate comes from.  Well, maybe some idea, but I'll talk about that later.

So, review time.  I'm going to say massive spoilers ahead, since I'm going to analyze character arcs and important plot moments in the movie.  So, if you haven't see it yet, be warned.

TLJ starts off where TFA ends; directly after it ends.  The First Order knows where the Resistance base is and are attacking it, forcing them to escape, while Rey is on Ahch-To, presenting herself to Luke Skywalker, to both get his help for the Resistance and her own training in the Force.  And with this setup, we have a few major threads; Rey's training with Luke, Rey's Force Bond with Kylo Ren, learning why Ben Solo became Kylo Ren, Finn's character grown, and the Resistance on the run from the First Order, who had developed technology to track ships through Hyperspace, forcing the Resistance to burn through their fuel to keep out of the range of the First Order turbolasers. 

Finn's adventure with new character Rose Tico is a result of the Resistance fleet being on the run; he has the idea to shut down the First Order scanners to let the Resistance escape into Hyperspace, but they require a slicer to get past the First Order security measures.  This leads Finn and Rose to the planet of Cantonica, where they look for the slicer at the Canto Bight casino.

The other major thread involves the Resistance fleet, Poe Dameron, Leia Organa, and Vice Admiral Holdo.  Admiral Holdo plans on getting the Resistance to an old Rebel Alliance base so the could get the Resistance into shuttles to get them down to the planet Crait while the First Order pounded the Resistance flagship.  Unfortunately, this plot thread circles back around with Finn's story, when the First Order realizes what is happening, and starts targeting the transports, forcing Admiral Holdo to turn the flagship around and ram right into the First Order ship, saving the Resistance and leading to the battle on Crait.

And now, we finally get to the focus on Rey.  Rey, who had been on Ahch-To, was on her path to opening her path to the Force under Luke's "tutelage", and we learned about her Force Bond with Kylo Ren and his history with Luke, from both sides.  A Bond so strong that Kylo and Rey are actually able to communicate telepathically. And not just the way Luke and Leia did, where he called out to her and she heard him. No, Rey and Kylo were able to have full conversations, and even, at one point, touch hands.  

After Rey gets opened to the Force and she gets the full story of Ben, she heads back to the Resistance fleet and gets her chance to meet Snoke in a similar way Luke met Palpatine in Return of the Jedi.  However, unlike Luke, Rey was not tempted by the Dark Side. But, neither was Kylo tempted tempted by the Light.  He may have killed Snoke, but it was to take his place as Supreme Leader of the First Order.

It's here when we come to the climax of the movie; attack of Crait, and the battle between "Luke" and Kylo Ren, which allows for the escape of the Resistance to the Millennium Falcon, which was being used by Rey and Chewbacca.  Luke, who had been on Ahch-To the whole time, used the Force to create a projection of himself as he was when Kylo last saw him, appeared to give the Resistance hope, and distract his nephew, giving a quick chat with his sister before going off to face is destiny.  A destiny that involved him becoming a Force Ghost, to help Rey continue her training as she fought for the Resistance in the next movie.

With the plot summary out of the way, I want to talk about two important characters, Rey and Leia.  I'll tackle Rey first, and say that, unlike Luke, she was never tempted by the Dark Side.  As was said several times in the movie, She was the Light to Kylo's Dark, but unlike the Jedi of the Clone Wars, she accepted the Dark, though she remained wary of its pull.  At a couple points, she used her anger for power, but didn't become a slave to it the way Anakin did decades earlier.  She was as the Jedi in the Old Republic era before the Clone Wars were; a defender of peace and protector hope, but didn't forget that she had to strive for balance. I'm eager to see how she turns out in Episode 9, and what kind of lightsaber she builds, and what color the crystals will be, since, according to the new canon, lightsaber crystals' color is determined by the user and their focus as a Force user.

Now, we talk about Leia. Even though it will have to be rewritten due to the untimely passing of Carrie Fisher, this movie set for Leia to be a major character in Episode 9, while at the same time being someone who is getting old and tired of losing friends.  From the beginning, Leia is mourning the loss of each and every soldier that falls, saying "too many" many times over.  She's tired, and just wants the fighting to be over, while at the same time, knows that she's the only person who can lead these young fighters.  Her name carries weight and she knows it, and she does everything she can to be a rallying figure to these young people.  Which is why it's such a tragedy that we never get to see it bear fruit, due to the Carrie Fisher no longer being with is.

Now, there's a lot of funny moments in this movie, and a lot of cool moments.  I laughed so hard when, in the beginning, when Rey handed Luke his father's lightsaber to him in a moment with such solemn music and dramatic looks on Rey's face, only for Luke to just toss the lightsaber over his shoulder and walk back to his house.  Or when Luke told Rey to close her eyes and reach out so she could touch the Force, and she misunderstood and reached out with her hand instead of her senses.  And the lightsaber duel between Kylo Ren and Rey on one side and Snoke's guards on the other? That was awesome. As was when Leia used the Force to save herself in the vacuum of space and return to safety on a Resistance flagship? That was awesome.

Now, I'd be remiss to not talk about Luke.  This is not Grandmaster Luke from Legends. This is not the man who has made every right decision since Return of the Jedi and successfully rebuilt the Jedi into the galaxy spanning heroes they were in their heyday.  This is a man who made mistakes. With Ben, with the Jedi, and with his family.  And instead learning from them, he ran from them, and exiled himself in the place the Jedi were born.  And until he finally talks to Yoda, (yes, Yoda is in the film. As a Force ghost, but still, Yoda's in the movie.) he resists the call to action.  But when he does, it's with a less flashy power than we saw him do in Legends, but no less impressive.  He uses the Force to create a tangible illusion who could interact with Leia, and even partially duel with his nephew on Crait.

Now, for my final thoughts.  I think the new trilogy is about sweeping the Skywalker lineage from the galaxy so a new generation can flourish.  Episodes 1-6 were all about how Anakin, Luke and Leia all shaped the galaxy, and if Rey and Kylo show us anything, it's time for a new generation to take their place, as is the fate of everything.  (Yes, I know Kylo Ren is technically a Skywalker, which is why I think he won't survive Episode 9).

All in all, I enjoyed the movie, as did my dad, who is best described as a casual fan; he'll watch the movies, but not much more than that.  If you haven't seen it, do so. Just don't let a love of Legends cloud what the movie is trying to do.

But for now, stay beautiful freaks!

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Updates on my Novel

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Today, I launched my Patreon campaign!  But before I give you a link to it, I'm going to explain some of the questions and concerns you might have with Patreon.

First off, it's not e-begging.  You see, Patreon allows for a concept called "patronage". Patronage is the support, encouragement, privilege, or financial aid that an organization or individual bestows to another. In the history of art, arts patronage refers to the support that kings, popes, and the wealthy have provided to artists such as musicians, painters, and sculptors.  This allows artists to be able to focus on a financial unstable occupation and create works of art instead of having to take normal jobs that wouldn't give them free time to create their art.  Many famous artists, playwrights and others thrived on patronage by nobility.

Today, a LOT of Youtube content creators have gone to Patreon to supplement their income due to Youtube's changing landscape, the most recent being the adpocolypse that has affected 90% of the content creators that I watch being partially or fully demonitized. 

But Patreon has also helped artists, writers, even indie game developers.  It's allowing people to go for their dreams in a landscape where their dreams aren't exactly financially viable.  It's a great system for both creator and patron, because you can easily stop supporting a creator with no problem.

As for why I'm setting mine up now? Well, I'm in a rather poor state financially; I have trouble getting jobs, and when I do get them, I can't keep them for more than 6 months at a time.  I have a really bad sense of direction, so being an Uber driver is out, and I have health issues that makes certain jobs that I could get more difficult than they should be.  But with the support I'll get from Patreon, I'll be able to follow my dream, get my book published, and get paid for it as well!

So come check me out at, (Yes, this is my real name, but considering that it's going to be on the book, and how our ISPs can sell my personal information without my consent anyway, it doesn't matter anymore.), look forward to posts both here and Patreon, and stay beautiful freaks!

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SWTOR Cartel Market Items

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So I'd just gotten my monthly subscriber cartel coin reward the other day, and I looked at the Cartel Market after the 5.5 update. And I shocked at what I saw; two formerly rare items right on the market; the Tythonian Force-Master Lightsaber, and the Cathar Honor Sword.

Now, on my server, these items were extremely expensive on the GTN; on the low end, people have sold them for 10 million credits.  And when I checked the day I saw them on the Cartel Market? The Lightsaber went for 14.5 million, and the sword for 45 million at the lowest.  You know how much they cost on the Cartel Market? 600 credits for the lightsaber, 500 for the sword.  The sword is essentially free for a subscriber; 1 month's worth of free Cartel Coins.  And the lightsaber is essentially free for a subscriber that uses a security key! So in essence, the only people who could buy these items off the GTN (since F2P and Preferred players have a 6 figure credit cap) can now get these items for free!

And I'm laughing at this point when I saw this; these people, who have held these items in their inventories/cargo holds for years from either buying them from other players, or having gotten these items when they originally dropped from Cartel Packs, are getting screwed by the fact that they're going to be super common now.  Now, at best, they'll only be able to get the low 6 figures out of them on the GTN from free players.  So keep that in mind when you're doing GTN speculation; no items will stay rare forever. :)

So anyway, I'm going to be launching my Patreon in the next few days, so I'll be doing a post on here and my twitter, so check that out when it happens. If you're a SWTOR player, check out my referral code, and stay beautiful freaks!