Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Update on my situation

Okay, here's what happened since October.

First, I quit my job at Infocision, the company that does telemarketing.  I was about to have a nervous breakdown because of it, so I HAD to quit. Now I am without an income, but because my dad is a trucker, he's willing to pay my rent and internet bill, so I'm safe on that account.  And my dad promised a LONG time ago that, so long as he lived, he would ALWAYS provide a home for me when I need one, so he has no problem with doing this.  Make no mistake, at 30, I don't like asking him for help, but it's necessary at the moment.

Of course, he won't help me get the equipment I need to start my webseries, but I don't blame him; it's not a real job for a long time, after all.

I also turned 30 last month. I was dreading it up to the day, but now that it has passed, I'm fine with it.

I also started playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, and I'm going to review it once I complete all 8 classes.  I'm over halfway through the first Chapter of the Jedi Knight story, and I have 2 acts for the Knight, and seven other stories to go. That's what I like about SWTOR; you not only have a story, but once complete story for each individual class.

So, life's not great at the moment, but unlike in October, I'm not going insane anymore, and that is worth more than a steady income in my book.  I have family who love me, a roof over my head and food in my stomach, and a new game to play during my off time of searching for a job.

So to all, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and let's pray that 2013 is a better one for me!  :)