Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Second Jedi Knight Profile Update

Welcome back, my beautiful freaks, to the Assassin's Den!

Due to an idea I had for her, Mamine's personality has changed.  Thus, here's her updated personality profile.

Name: Mamine (pronounced Ma-Me-Nay)
Gender: Female
Species: Cathar
Age: 25 standard years
Homeworld: None (Exiled)
Class: Jedi Knight/Jedi Sentinel Combat Tree
Personality Profile: "Your exile hurt you, far more than you ever thought it would.  To be seen as a monster by the people who bore you and the culture you love has destroyed your previous viewpoint and now strive to be better than your people see you.  To be the hero the Republic sees you to be.  To prove your people wrong about you, despite them never being able to take you back due to the grave nature of the exile.

Still, you are going to try. To be better than you have been. To be a hero in the minds of others, even though you'll never be one in your own mind."

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

SWTOR Character Tales Timeline Update

Welcome back, my beautiful freaks, to the Assassin's Den!  With several more chapters and new characters, I am redoing the character timeline.  This time, I've figured a better way to keep things organized.

First, is the Marr universe, which is based around Vedere, Ragdat, Adaso, Darth Nox, Amelisan, Maircus, Curoda and Allisani.  Instead of listing each chapter of the story by class, I'm going to put them into the timeline, and mark when something's character specific when it isn't obvious from the title.  When there are multiple entries happening around the same time, I'll mark which one is character specific by it.

  1. Trooper Amelisan/Jedi Consular Vedere Marr/Jedi Knight Ragdat/Sith Inquisitor Koyi'shak/Sith Warrior Adaso/Bounty Hunter Maircus/Smuggler Curoda (In this order according to the timelines)
  2. Curoda-Change in Priority
  3. Ragdat's Reunion with Kaliyo/Still Coping with Katarr (Vedere)
  4. Cipher Nine-Fight for freedom 
  5. Major Amelisan and her life's motivation
  6. Never forget the Sacking (Amelisan)
  7. Imperial Agent Allisani (Even though this is her intro, this is where in the timeline it takes place, since it mentions the ending of the story)
  8. Recognition of the Wrath
  9. The Mandate of the Wrath
  10. Journal of Darth Nox-New Purpose
  11. Darth Nox's ultimate plans
  12. On the Council Now
  13. Ragdat's meditation
  14. Ragdat meets Revan/Amelisan revisits the past
  15. Darth Nox takes the foundry
  16. The Wrath faces the betrayer/Message to Ragdat-Star Cabal
  17. The Jedi Mission on Makeb saga/Mandalorian Mission on Makeb saga/Curoda's revelation
  18. Allisani meets Curoda/Darth Nox's Plans? (Adaso)
  19. Interrogating Dubrillion's Queen (Allisani)/Darth Nox's Reaction
  20. Pirate Queen interrogates Ex-Cipher/Rathari's retrieval
  21. Getting to know the Pirate Queen (Curoda and Allisani)
  22. The Hangover (Curoda)
  23. Preparing for the future (Curoda and Allisani) 
  24. Questioning the amoral scientist (Allisani)
  25. Darth Nox and an old friend
  26. Long lost brother (Adaso)
  27. Preparing for the future (Curoda and Allisani)
  28. Dealing with fallout (Allisani) 
  29. Havoc on Oricon
  30. Vedere and an old Friend/Winning a Heart and Mind (Curoda and Allisani)/Darth Nox Trains Gentugo/Darth Nox's Legacy Plans
  31. Barfight for Ragdat/Catching up with Vizhdam (Vedere)
Much easier to understand this way, isn't it?

As for the White Knight universe, it is as follows.

  1. Sith Inquisitor Casek
  2. Sith Warrior Yokonari/Jedi Knight Mamine/Jedi Consular Anstrisil
  3. Reunion on Dromund Kaas (Yokonari and Casek)/Azulini's Open Secret
  4. Getting to know Gault (Azulini)/Letters between friends (Yokonari and Casek)
  5. Near Security Breach (Yokonari)
  6. Introducing Light Apprentice (Yokonari)
  7. Vows of the White Knight (Yokonari)
  8. Letters between friends 2 (Yokonari and Casek)
  9. White Knight reunion (Anstrisil and Yokonari)
  10. Quinn's betrayal and feelings admitted
  11. Darth Imperius joins the White Knights
  12. The False Emperor (Mamine, Yokonari and Casek)
  13. Anger at the old Wrath (Mamine)
  14. Barsen'thor meets Darth Imperius
  15. Barsen'thor meets Lord Scourge
  16.  Redemption begins (Mamine)
  17. Rejecting Darkness (Mamine)
  18. Restructuring her viewpoint (Mamine)
  19. Redemption Interlude-Cause of the fall (Mamine)
  20. Apologies around (Mamine)
I've also got another universe; the Twins' Universe, based around the Miraluka Jedi and Sith sisters.

  1. Knight Kriseen and Warrior Rortinna
  2. Twin bond-Tatooine (Kriseen)
And finally, I've got the "Unassigned universe", where I just throw the oddball character that's unconnected to the others.  This is more for the characters I play and have no connection to others, or a character I got bored with, as in the case of Azulini.

  1.  Bounty Hunter Azulini
  2.  Azulini's Confusion 
  3. Confession to Torian (Azulini)
Bit of a mess in where things go, isn't it?  That's why I'm doing this; to tighten up the timelines.  I'll add more to this timeline, rather than the other, since this one is cleaner.  For now, enjoy the stories.