Wednesday, February 25, 2015

SWTOR Character Tales: New and Updated character pictures

After playing Dragon Age Inquisition for a while, I've finally gotten back in a mood for SWTOR.  As such, I've finally gotten around to updating the pictures of certain characters into their new armors, and I've finally gotten the alignment look of a yet to be introduced side character.

First, the side character, Lord Tavella;

This lovely lady is a member of Darth Nox's sphere, and is her expert on all matters Revan.

Now, on to the updated outfits;

I like the contrast of the red and black on Darth Nox's blue skin.

This outfit will reflect Yokonari's mindset in her next appearance; as the Emperor's Wrath, she no longer has to "distract" others, so she's gone with something easier to move in, but more protective.

This is honestly the type of look I've wanted for Ragdat for a long time.  I fits his whole "simple yet protected" mindset.

These are just some minor updates; Casek's gloves, and Anstrisil's belt.

I've got two more to write up chapters for, and these will be in the Twins Universe, but aren't twins themselves; a Jedi Sage and a Sith Assassin who is a future Darth Occlus, who knew each other before their Force sensitivity was discovered, but went two very different ways when it was.

For now, check out my latest chapter of SWTOR character tales, which brings back Darth Nox and her future assassin Gentugo, and gives insight into their relationship.