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Dragon Age Retrospective: Dragon Age 2

Welcome back, my beautiful freaks, to the Assassin's Den! Today, I'm going to go into what many consider the worst game in the franchise, Dragon Age 2!

Dragon Age 2 is highly rated by the gaming media, but panned by fans. Why is that?  Well, the game had a short development cycle; less than a year, in fact.  It reuses the same areas over and over again to compensate for it, and they streamline a lot in order to fit the schedule.  I also think that one of the things that a lot of gamers feel that it was build from the console up instead of being a PC focus like Origins was.

But with that said, this is the game that I have the most fun playing.  Yes, you can tell that the development time is rushed, but what's in the game is polished.  The combat system is fun, and the classes are far more focused, limiting the warrior and rogue to specific combat styles, while still giving the mage a dynamic building ability.

In this game, the warrior is either two handed weapons or sword and shield only, and focuses on 3 stats; strength, constitution and willpower.  Armor is tied to the strength and constitution stat, so those are you main stats.  Willpower gives more stamina to utilize your skills more often.

Rogue is dual wielding daggers or bow focused, and focuses on dexterity, cunning, willpower and constitution.  Now, in this game, you don't have an unlocking skill, so cunning is the stat used to unlock anything, you need to get this as high as possible if you want to be the only party rogue.  And since armor focuses on dex and cunning, you'll want to focus on those first.  What I do is focus on Cunning primarily until I get to 40, which is what you need to unlock the hardest locks, then go 2 in dex and 1 in the other skills to make up for the character's "squishyness".

Mages are more focused, but also more survivable. Their focus is on magic and willpower, with constitution to buff your hit points.  Armor focuses on magic and willpower, so that's where your focus should be.  And the best thing about mages this time is that they have a melee attack; when enemies get up and close, they essentially use their magic stat to damage enemies in melee range with your staff.

And honestly? I'm very glad that they streamlined the influence system, giving bonuses to both extremely high and extremely low approval.  And, with the exception that is Isabela, whom you have to get halfway through either the Friend or Rivalry meters (which I will cover in my entry about each companion) by the end of act 2 if you want her to return to you, it's pretty easy to get them to max by the end of the game if you're consistent, as no leaves based on approval like they did in Origins.

However, there is one big problem with DA2 that I figured out after watching an episode of Big Bang Theory with my father; in that episode, they pointed out that Indiana Jones had no impact on the plot of Raiders of the Lost Ark, since the Nazis succeeded in getting the ark in the end and were all killed anyway, and I realized that, in DA2, Hawke was pretty much the same way.

Hear me out on this; say that Hawke didn't trust Varric in the beginning.  I know that, for the sake of the game, Hawke has to, but let's pretend that Hawke didn't.  Varric would go and make the money he needed himself, and get the maps from Anders himself, since he was the one who brought up Anders to Hawke.  He'd then go on the expedition into the Deep Roads, get betrayed by Bartrand, and either get out of there himself or not survive the betrayal.  As for Hawke, they'd either go back to the one they worked for in the prologue, or, if a mage, they'd in Bethany's shoes if you don't take her into the Deep Roads. In fact, I think Carver would join the Templars regardless.

As for the companions, without Hawke bringing them together, I doubt Varric would have shown any interest in Anders after finding our he's an abomination. Aveline would still end up as Guard Captain, because I doubt she's sit on her hands about her mission if it was up to her.  Isabela wouldn't end up in Varric or Hawke's circle, nor would Fenris, as they require assistance from Hawke. That said, Isabela would have still done her "chantry meeting at midnight" thing and gone her own way. Fenris, however, does not raid the mansion, as there's no indication that he does if you refuse the quest.

As for Merrill, I assume Hawke would go to Sundermount, release Flemeth, take Merrill to the city, and then leave her be, as Hawke would be busy trying to either protect themself or Bethany from the Templars.

Now, Act 2 changes very little without Hawke's intervention.  The Arishok has no one they respect, so anything that happens around the Qunari would just piss him off without anyone attempting to calm him.  Isabela still goes after the Tome of Koslun, and without Hawke giving her a reason to return, she'd be gone, just like she is if you don't have high enough approval.  However, there are three important figures that would take on the Arishok at the end of the act; Guard Captain Aveline, First Enchanter Orsino and Knight Commander Meridith.  They would marshal their forces, take the Vicount's Keep, and kill the Arishok and his Qunari forces.

Other companions fate would be as follows; Anders would still go after the Templar with the Tranquil Solution, and would still kill the mage girl. Aveline would likely fail to woo Donnic, and Varric, if he lives, would kill his brother when he raids his house.  Merrill would go get the Arulin'Holm and finish her mirror, but only after arguing with Marethari.

Interestingly, I can see mage Hawke involved in the attack on the Vicount's keep, since they'd likely be in Bethany's position, along with Carver fighting alongside Meredith.  However, Warrior or Rogue Hawke would likely be defending any home they built after Bethany is taken to the Circle, and would have MAYBE gone after Bethany, if they knew she was in danger at all.

Act 3 wouldn't really change at all.  Anders still blows up the Chantry, and Meredith still declares the Right of Annulment.  The only real difference is that the Templars succeed if Hawke isn't there to defend the mages.  And that means that mage Hawke (because it is HIGHLY unlikely that Carver would be right there at the right time) or Bethany dies at this point. 

As for the companions, Aveline still deals with her quest, though the events would be the ones where she never married Donnic.  Varric would once again raid his brother's former estate, but without Hawke there to influence him, he'd keep the idol.  As for Merrill? She'd still go to the demon to activate the Eluvian, and would encounter Abomination Marethari.  Without Hawke to help here, there'd be two outcomes; either she'd die at the ends of the demon, who would then attack the Sabrae clan and force them to kill her, or Merrill would kill the demon, and would subsequently be killed by her former clan.

As for DLC, Mark of the Assassin would go off without a hitch, since at the end, Duke Prosper doesn't care for what the Tal-Vashoth Salit gives him and kills him anyway.  So truly, nothing Hawke or Tallis did there mattered.

However, Legacy DOES require input from Hawke.  In order for Inquisition to happen, Corypheus requires Hawke to release him though that blood ritual at the end. And I can actually think of some easy ways to get Hawke involved; Act 1 is easy.  They would use their contacts via Gamlen or their chosen prologue employer to track down the Carta dwarves, and go off to wake Corypheus.  In act 2 and 3, it's even easier; the Carta attacks the Circle, either to get Bethany, or Hawke and Carver.  If it's Hawke and Carver, the solution is simple; send Hawke and Carver, along with a compliment of Templars to investigate.  However, if Hawke is a warrior or rogue, I guarantee that, after being attacked by the Carta themself, they'd be going to check on Bethany.

Even despite its problems, though, DA2 is my favorite game to play, if not experience.  It's not a Bioware fan's RPG, but if you keep that in mind, it's a good time throughout the game.

Look forward to my entry on the companions, and stay beautiful freaks!

Monday, July 27, 2015

SWTOR Character Tales: Twins Universe Consular and Inquisitor

Welcome back, my beautiful freaks, to the Assassin's Den! Today, I bring you the second set of twins for my Twins Universe.

Name: Julaa
Gender: Female
Species: Pureblood Sith
Age: 20 standard years
Homeworld: Unknown (Julaa was too young to to know where she was from when she escaped)
 Class: Jedi Sage Telekinesis Focus
Personality Profile:  "You are a living example of the whole 'Nature vs Nurture' argument; you are Pureblood Sith, but you grew up among the Jedi. You are a former slave who tries to ease the pain of others.  You work extremely hard to ease the suffering of others in a way to salve the suffering you live with every day.  And you will gladly give your life it meant that someone else can live on in peace."

And here are her pictures;

Name: Maluki
Gender: Female
Species: Pureblood Sith
Age: 20 standard years
Homeworld: Uknown, and she doesn't care
 Class: Sith Assassin Stealth focus
Personality Profile:  "Pain, suffering and misery.  This has been your life since the day you were born, and now that you have power, you will make sure that these things will never be a part of your life again.  Everyone who ever hurt you, everyone that ever made you feel fear for your existence, everyone who ever tortured or violated you will suffer in ways that you have dreamed of every night for the last 16 years.  You will NEVER be a victim again."

I've also got updated pictures for the Marr Twins, as well as Vedere.  I'll bring them around soon, but my next entry should be the next in my Dragon Age retrospective.  For now, stay beautiful freaks!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dragon Age Retrospective: Origins/Awakening Companions and Specializations

Welcome back, my beautiful freaks, to the Assassin's Den! Today, I'm tackling the characters from the main game and the expansion, as well as other characters in those games who become important.  Though this time, I'm doing things a little different than last time; the format will be similar to my character profiles I've done for my SWTOR characters

Name: Alistair
Race: Human
Class: Warrior, Sword and Shield focus
Specialization: Templar, will teach at proper approval
Recruited at: Ostagar
Romance?: Yes, female only
Special: Alistair's personality can be hardened after his personal quest with the woman he was lead to believe to be his sister.  This affects later actions in the game, and whether he approves of certain choices or not.  He is also 1 of 3 characters that you can't chase off.
Fate: Alistair has 4 potential outcomes based on choices; first, he's dead, striking the final blow on the Archdemon.  Second, he remains a Grey Warden. Third, he becomes King, either with or without Anora. Fourth, he leaves both the Wardens and Ferelden behind.
Future appearances: Depends on choices.  If Alistair is King, he makes a cameo in act 3 of Dragon Age 2, as well as at Redcliffe in Dragon Age Inquisition.  He is also in text on the war table.  If he is a Warden, he appears in act 2 of DA2, and is an important NPC in DAI.  If he's a drunk, he appears in DA2, and not at all in DAI.  He also appears in the Dark Horse comics as a King, though dialogue in DAI shows that he goes through those events as a Warden as well.

Name: Morrigan
Race: Human
Class: Mage, debuff focus
Specialization: Shapeshifter, will teach at proper approval
Recruited at: Flemeth's hut
Romance?: Yes, male only
Special: Morrigan is 1 of 3 characters that cannot be truly sent away, thanks to her importance to the ending. She will leave your party permanently if you refuse her, though.
Fate: Morrigan returns in Witch Hunt as the goal, as well DAI, as an important NPC.  Depending on choices in DAO, she could show up with or without a son, and depending on end game choices, the boy could be the holder of the Old God Soul, or the human son of a Warden via romance.

Name: Customizable
Race: Mabari war hound
Class: Warrior, but with dog skills
Specialization: No, cannot learn one
Recruited at: Highever if Human Noble, otherwise between Flemeth's hut and Lothering, but only if you cured him of the Blight.
Special: (Dog) is 1 of 3 characters that cannot leave your party if he is alive.
Fate: Dog returns in Witch Hunt after siring a large amount of puppies to replenish mabari numbers after the Blight.

Name: Leliana
Race: Human
Class: Rogue, archer focus
Specialization: Bard, will teach at proper approval
Recruited at: Lothering
Romance?: Yes
Special: Like Alistair, Leliana can be hardened after dealing her personal quest.
Fate: Leliana can be killed in this game, though that is retconned into her being "wounded terribly".  She becomes an important character in DA2 and DAI.

Name: Sten, later Arishok
Race: Qunari
Class: Warrior, two handed weapon focus
Specialization: None
Recruited at: Lothering
Special:  Sten is the only standard characters who does not come with a specialization. He also does not learn one until hitting 14, when everyone else is gaining their second.
Fate: Sten returns to qunari lands, and due the events in DA2, becomes the new Arishok. He appears in the comics with Alistair.

Name: Shale
Race: Golem
Class: Warrior, golem abilities
Specialization: None
Recruited at: Honleath
Special: Shale can perform the same roles as any warrior, but she has version of them due to her being a non-standard warrior.
Fate: Shale returns in the novel Asunder as Wynne's parner.

Name: Zevran
Race: Elf
Class: Rogue, two weapon focus
Specialization: Assassin, will teach
Recruited at: Random encounter after finish one storyline quest
Romance?: Yes
Special: Zevran can be killed at the point of recruitment, and will betray you if his approval isn't high enough by the end game.
Fate: If he is alive, Zevran will return as a minor NPC in DA2 for a quest, and appears in war table text in DAI.

Name: Wynne
Race: Human
Class: Mage, healer/battlefield controller focus
Specialization: Spirit healer, will not teach
Recruited at: Circle Tower
Special: Wynne gains a special ability, Vessel of the Spirit, which when activated, restores half her health and mana instantly, and stuns all within 2.5 meters around her, and does a few other minor things.  Getting Anerin's token boosts all aspects of this spell.
Fate: Wynne returns as a minor quest giving NPC in Awakening, and is an important character in Asunder.  She is integral to the plot there, and gives up the spirit that sustains her to save the life of a friend of her son.

Name: Oghren
Race: Dwarf
Class: Warrior, two handed focus
Specialization: Berserker, will teach
Recruited at: Orzammar
Special: Oghren's approval bar is glitched in Awakening if importing your character. Most of the time, the game keeps the diminishing return on gifts to him, only giving you a +6 for favored gifts instead of what you are supposed to get.  That means that, if you want to get all you can out of him, you need to be careful what you say and what you do with him around.  Has special remarks if you're a dwarf.
Fate: Oghren returns in Awakening to become a Grey Warden. He is the only one you are required to have in your party at the end.

Name: Loghain Mac Tir
Race: Human
Class: Warrior, sword and shield focus
Specialization: Champion, will teach, but you've already received it by the time you can get him anyway.
Recruited at: The Landsmeet in Denerim
Special: You can only recruit Loghain if certain conditions are met.  First, the PC must duel him, and let him surrender.  Second, put him through the Joining. YOU WILL LOSE ALISTAIR TO GET LOGHAIN!
Fate: Loghain has two fates. First, he sacrifices himself to the Archdemon, which is his preference. Second, either through Dark Ritual or the PC Warden sacrificing themself, he survives to appear again.  If the Warden also survived, Loghain appears at Vigil's Keep as a cameo in Awakening, giving you an item.  Otherwise, he takes Alistair's place in DAI.

Name: Cullen
Race: Human
Class: Warrior
Specialization: Templar
Recruited at: Does not join party
Special: If your character is a mage, he knows you. If your mage is female, he had a crush on you.
Fate: Cullen plays a huge part in DA2 and DAI; in DA2, he's Knight-Captain of the Kirkwall Templars. In DAI, he's commander of the Inquisition forces.

Name: Flemeth
Race: Human based, hard to properly codify until all information is revealed
Class: Mage
Specialization: Shapeshifter
Recruited at: Does not join party
Special: Too much to detail. I will handle that in an entry about her alone.
Fate: Integral to the plots of the next two games.

Specializations that require story moments: Reaver (Warrior), Champion (Warrior), Blood Mage, Arcane Warrior (mage), Duelist (Rogue)
Specializations that require books: Ranger (Rogue), Spirit Healer (Mage), all Awakening specializations (though all specializations can be gained by book as well)

And Awakening companions.

Name: Anders
Race: Human
Class: Mage
Specialization: Spirit Healer
Recruited at: Vigil's Keep
Special: If you make him a blood mage, he gets special dialogue.
Fate: Anders returns in DA2, merged with Justice to become an abomination, and is both a companion and integral to the plot.

Name: Nathaniel Howe
Race: Human
Class: Rogue, archer focus
Specialization: Assassin
Recruited at: Vigil's Keep
Special: Nathaniel is 1 of 2 companions that can be killed before being recruited.  If you're a Human Noble, you get special dialogue with him and his sister.  If you're male, his sister remarks on how her father tried to match you up with her.
Fate: If you either bring him with you when you go to Amaranthine near the end of the game, or return to save the keep, Nathaniel will return in DA2 in a quest and at the ending.  Otherwise, the save transfer bugs out and flags Nathaniel as dead, even if you fully upgraded the keep.

Name: Sigrun
Race: Dwarf
Class: Rogue, two weapon focus
Specialization: Legionnaire Scout
Recruited at: Kal Hirol
Special: Sigrun has special remarks if you're a dwarf. If you're a dwarven commoner, she is excited to see you.
Fate: Depending on approval, Sigrun either remains with the Wardens for years, or just leaves for her Calling out of the blue.

Name: Velanna
Race: Elf
Class: Mage
Specialization: Keeper
Recruited at: Wending Woods
Special: Velanna is 1 of 2 characters that can be killed before being recruited.  Also, her special quest is tied to a random encounter, and thus may never occur, especially if you encountered the Dalish before recruiting her. If you're Dalish, she has special dialogue when you meet her. If you're a city elf, you have a special dialogue option during one of her conversations.
Fate: Like Nathaniel, if you do not take her with you when going to save Amaranthine, or return to the Vigil, Velanna does not survive according to the Epilogue.  If you take her with you to face the Mother, her epilogue remarks on your choice with the Architect. Otherwise, she eventually warms to humans somewhat.

Name: Justice
Race: Spirit possessing a human body
Class: Warrior, sword and shield focus
Specialization: Spirit Warrior
Recruited at: Blackmarsh
Special: Justice is the first spirit to join your party, and the only one to become a demon.
Fate: See Anders.

Keep in mind that DAA has potions that allow you to reset everyone's skills, so these are how they enter your party.  And while I keep everyone with their initial role in combat,  I always reset the skills so I can distribute stats and abilities the way I want them.

I'm not going to bother with Bonny Lem or Sketch from Leliana's song, as they are barely even side characters in DA2 (Lem having a store you can visit, and Sketch having a questline around him), nor am I going to tackle the Dace Brothers from GoA (You don't even get special dialogue with them if you're a dwarven noble either!) or Arianne and Finn from Witch Hunt, as you never see them again after the DLC mission is over (Though you do get special dialogue with them if you're Dalish, a mage, or in a romance with Morrigan and have her ring).  But that's it for the party members and important characters from Origins and Awakening.  I'll do the characters from DA2 and DAI in the same format after I go into their respective game, an article on Flemeth due to her extreme importance to the franchise, and then a final wrap-up for the franchise.

For now, stay beautiful freaks!

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Dragon Age Retrospective: Origins/Awakening/DLC

Welcome back, my beautiful freaks, to the Assassin's Den!  Today, I begin my retrospective on the Dragon Age series!  This game was the final game to be in development before Bioware's former holding company was bought by EA, and it shows in terms of quality; the story is awesome, gameplay is top notch, lack of noticeable bugs, and lacking the more annoying practices that EA games exhibit.

It was said that this game is a spiritual successor to Bioware's Baldur's Gate franchise, and it really feels like it.  It has all the things you'd see in an old school Bioware RPG, but without the Dungeons and Dragons license.

Now, unlike Mass Effect, I don't own the books, so I'll just remark on their importance to the narrative and when they introduce important characters.

Stolen Throne takes place during the Ferelden war for independence from Orlais, and follows the adventures of Loghain and Maric Therin, father of Cailan and Alistair and future King of Ferelden.  We are also introduced to Flemeth, who becomes extremely important to the storyline.

The Calling brings back Loghain and Maric, and introduces us to Fiona, an elven Grey Warden mage, Duncan, a Rivaini Grey Warden, and the Architect, whom we later learn is the High Priest of Urthemiel, the Archdemon of the Fifth Blight, though this is a fact that he has forgotten, and thus, only thinks himself an intelligent darkspawn.

Now, Stolen Throne set up the world we are to deal with, and illustrates why Loghain hates Orlais as much as he does, but is not as important as the events of The Calling. While Stolen Throne gives us two characters who will be important to the games, The Calling introduces several; Duncan, Fiona, the Architect and Alistair, even though this information isn't directly stated in the games.  It is, however, stated in an outside canon source, much like the information about the Architect being one of the ancient magisters.

Anyway, the game. 30 years into the Age of the Dragon, the Architect awakens Urthemiel in a supposedly botched attempt to sever him the darkspawn taint, and starts a new Blight.  Duncan, now Warden Commander of Ferelden, is forced to recruit new Grey Wardens, and has a chance encounter with 1 of 7 people; Cousland, Mahariel, Amell, Surana, Aeducan, Brosca or Tabris, better known as the 6 Origins for you to play as (Amell and Surana are the human and elven mages, respectively.)

Now, I'm not going to get into the story, because this game was released in 2009; you can find the story easily at this point.  I am, however, going to cover the gameplay.

This game is the most dynamic when it comes to playstyle potential; this is the only game where a warrior can use a bow or two weapons, for example. Hell, a mage could use a bow if you put points into dexterity.  In fact, only the mage staff is unavailable to all classes.  Same with armors, in fact; everything's tied to your stats.

However, each class does have 4 specializations to make them unique, and once you unlock them, you have them for all time.  (You'll see why I'm calling this out later.)  You unlock them via one of 3 means; a book, performing a certain action in game, or through a trainer.  For example, to get Templar for a warrior, you have to gain enough influence with Alistair for him to train you, but to get Reaver, you have to perform a certain action during the Temple of Sacred Ashes quest.

That said, each specialization adds layers upon the class you were playing, and increased replayability, giving you reasons to try different combinations.  Do you want your warrior to do extra damage against spell casters while having the ability to buff your allies and debuff your enemies? Do you want your rogue to be able to strike your enemies vital areas while being able to tank? Do you want your mage to be able to heal and resurrect your party while still be able to cast while your mana is out? You can do all these things and more!

And this game even gives you a way to challenge yourself; if you're a rogue, you can literally solo the game after you hit level 12.  All you need is 22 cunning and 4 points in the lockpicking skill, you don't need to carry any other party members.  Not the most fun way to play, but it does give you an interesting challenge.

Awakening adds 2 new specializations per class, allowing you further customization options for your characters.  One of my favorite builds at this point, for example, has me taking Battlemage at this point, allowing me to freeze any enemy that comes too close, and gather mana from the battlefield.  Combine that with a Blood Mage and Arcane Warrior from the base game, and I've got a monster damage dealer who can survive anything.

Now, I'm going to tackle the DLC missions.  Some are more worthy than others.  Darkspawn Chronicles is a what if scenario, where the PC Warden somehow didn't survive the Joining, and shows how Alistair made it to Denerim.  You play as darkspawn commander who leads his troops through Denerim and up to the top of Fort Drakon, where Alistair and his party are fighting the Archdemon.  It's interesting to play as the bad guys, is kind of tough, and after completing it once, you get a tier 7 longsword to use in Origins, and one more to use in Awakening.  I don't really play it all that often myself, though.

Leliana's Song is another "outside the main game" campaigns, where you taken on the role of Leliana and 2 others and go through the events that led her to the Chantry.  They don't match up exactly with the story she tells in Origins, but it's a good one nonetheless.  This also gives you an item to utilize in both the main game and expansion, but you have to gather its parts in the DLC in order to unlock it.  That said, I play this every time before I start up the main game, as a sort of "prequel" before the actions of my Warden.

Now, the next three DLC mission packs are to be played during the game; Warden's Keep, The Stone Prisoner and Return to Ostagar. Warden's Keep and Stone Prisoner are day 1 DLC, which I don't like, but at least Stone Prisoner is free.  Stone Prisoner introduces a companion, Shale, and 2 quests to complete.  Shale is also integrated into the main game completely, which means she was likely meant to be in the main game, but was removed for space.  Warden's Keep, however, is premium content; it introduces a base of operations, an armor set, 2 new abilities per class, and either a longsword or a greatsword for you to use.  Return to Ostagar is just that; a return to the Ostagar map, though it is now covered in snow.  Here, you gain an armor set, sword and shield, and a sword and dagger set, that all change based on the level you get them, and can be upgraded as you gain levels.  You have to do something specific to get them upgraded, though, which differ based on the platform on which you play.

There's also a stuff pack that allows you to cheese the influence system with gifts.  Not much more to be said, but I use it, because I hate the influence system.

Finally, we tackle the DLC mission packs that are in continuity with Origins and Awakening.  Golems of Amgarrak is a mission pack that brings you back into the Deep Roads and is pretty much an item hunt; you go in, perform certain actions to unlock items that are both very good in stats and very good in resale value in both Origins and Awakening.  That said, it is a good challenge, and it does introduce a boss monster that appears in DA2.

And then there's Witch Hunt.  This one IS important to the overall plot, in both this game and upcoming ones, and actually ties into 2 of the origins and factors in whether or not Morrigan was romanced and whether or not the Dark Ritual at Redcliffe was performed.  Hell, they even reference a throw away line in the epilogue of Origins if Morrigan was romanced but the Dark Ritual was not performed!  And when you consider that the majority of the information in the epilogues are thrown out when inconvenient to the plot of the next game, that's something.

All in all, this is my favorite of the three.  Yes, the combat was improved in 2, and the classes were made more distinct, and the influence system was pretty much marginalized in 2 (which is something I like; I absolutely hate influence systems in my games.), but it does a lot of things right that the next two entries stumble on. 

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Dragon Age Retrospective: Announcement

With EA announcing that they will not be doing any more DLC beyond Black Emporium for Dragon Age Inquisition for the Xbox 360 and PS3, that means that technically, I can do a full retrospective on the series at this point. I plan on getting a PS4 when I have the funds, but for now, that's it for me.

That means that I will need to play through all three classes in all three games, compare the mechanics between them, and then review them as I did the Mass Effect series.  Unlike my Mass Effect retrospective, though, I don't own any of the books, so I won't be handling them.  I will, however, remark on when information in game references the books.  Like how Stolen Throne introduces Loghain, who is important to Dragon Age Origins and potentially has a cameo in Inquisition, and how The Calling introduces Grand Enchanter Fiona and Duncan.

Anyway, I'm immersing myself in Dragon Age for now, and I've got things to say about the Warden, Hawke and the Inquisitor and their importance to the storyline, but I'll get to them when I tackle their game.   I'm also going to do a character wrap up, though it won't be nearly as long as my Mass Effect one, since I'm going to break them down by game and their importance to the future, if any.

Anyway, look forward to it, and stay beautiful freaks!