Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Assassin's Den Reviews: HuniePop

Welcome back, my beautiful freaks, to the Assassin's Den! Today, I'm going to tackle a game I bought yesterday, a tile based puzzle game called HuniePop!

I know, I know. I'm both late to the party and admitting things about myself that people think should be kept quiet.  The former is simple; I only found out about it when I happened upon the playthrough of Suzie Berhow-Hanson, best known for her work on Game Grumps, her own channel Mortem3r, her defunct animation channel Meeperfish, and where I found about this game, her let's play channel, KittyKatGaming, where she did a let's play with her husband, Arin Hanson, best known as Egoraptor and one of the founders of the Game Grumps. 

As for the latter, I take a view similar to the late Justin Carmical did about porn in games he reviewed; it's there, but it's not the focus of the game.  It's a reward for doing well, something to look forward to at the end of several well done matches.

Now, the gameplay is a tile swiping game where you match 3 or more tiles of a similar shape and color in an attempt to gain a certain score before you run out of moves.  You have tiles that increase your score multiplier, tiles that allow you to use special items that give you bonuses for the duration of the match.  You also have tiles that give you extra moves in the round.  But avoid the broken heart tiles, as they drop your score heavily, depending on how many got matched and how much you're upgraded.  It's basically bejeweled, so if you've played bejeweled, you can play HuniePop.

The second focus of the game the dating sim aspect; your opponents are 12 girls (2 requiring you to perform a specific action to unlock them) that you are trying to...date. You give them gifts and ask them questions, and all around build your relationship with these girls to gain new outfits and hairstyles and gain experience points to spend on upgrades so each individual match can be easier.  Defeat them the requisite number of times and have your 4th or 5th time playing them be at night, and you play them one final time, but with some different rules. 

And I can't beat around the bush anymore; then porn aspect.  Yes, there's porn in this game.  Defeating the girls has them texting you pictures that start pretty innocuous and get more lewd as you beat them, ending up with their final picture, the one you get for a successful sex scene, which is, as stated already, the same tile matching game, but with different rules.  Although, in that game, you're playing against the girl in her underwear, and as you get near the end, the most that you see is her taking her bra off until you win.  And THAT is when you get the most lewd picture of them all.

I'm not going to lie; I enjoy this game.  I enjoy the puzzles, and I enjoy the porn.  I won't deny it.  But I will say that I wouldn't have gotten interested in it where it not for a woman getting me interested in it.  I had scene it advertised on Steam and it mentioned on youtube, but had it not been for Suzie playing it through and enjoying it with her husband, I would have never given it a look.

However, I cannot recommend this game to everyone.  If you have kids in your house, don't let them play it or let them see you play it.  Plenty of time for a kid to discover that stuff themselves as they get older.  If you don't live in an open minded household, don't play this game.  It would be a hard sell that you're playing the game for the puzzles when Bejeweled is available.  But, if you're in the perfect household, where you don't have kids to explain things to and have open minded roomates/girlfriends/wives, then check it out.  The uncensored version is 10 dollars on http://www.huniepot.com/, or the slightly censored version on Steam for the same price.

Until next time, stay beautiful freaks!