Tuesday, September 6, 2016

DBXV Character Profiles Round 8

Welcome back, my beautiful freaks, to the Assassin's Den!  
So, I'd been playing around with the character creator yesterday, and I realized that I'd built another human that looked exactly like Rayne, but with a change in her clothing.  So I was like "Wait, a second, this gives me an idea."  So I went ahead and deleted her, rebuilt her, and named her Rayne again.  But now, I'm giving her an updated profile, to reflect the changes she's gone through during the storyline of Dragon Ball Xenoverse. So here's Rayne's updated look and profile!
Name: Rayne
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age they came from: 818
Home Planet: Earth
History: Trained in the style of the Turtle School by her grandfather Krillin from a young age, Rayne knew that she was outclassed by the alien fighters she grew up around.  And she refuses to undergo the extensive cybernetics that her grandmother went through in order to get a power boost.  To make up for these power based shortcomings, she researched different ways to manipulate ki; to poison, burn or freeze superior foes to give her a more even playing field.  And when Shenron, the Eternal Dragon of the Dragon Balls, told her that someone from a faraway land had called her, and to come forth, she happily accepted the offer, eager to see if her techniques could be integrated into Turtle School teachings for humans.
Personality: Rayne's confidence went through the roof after defeating Demigra by herself. (There's two possible endings for the main story of the game; one where, if you let your health get too low, Goku teleports in and helps you beat Demigra, with the final cutscene being you and Goku doing a Kamehameha together.  The other one, which is the only one I've gotten myself, is where you don't let your health get to that point, where you beat Demigra on your own, and you do that final Kamehameha by yourself, and get energy from the main cast.  It's a very moving scene, and I encourage you to look it up on youtube.) She still outwardly appears to take nothing seriously, always having a joke or a quip or a bit of sarcasm to offer at any moment to brighten the mood or demoralize an opponent.  But she's no longer afraid.  Rayne knows what she can do, knows that she's strong enough to defend history with her own strength without resorting to trickery.  She now relies on technique and skill, confident in her ability now.
Special: She no longer uses the Kaioken, but she's still equipped with the Spirit Bomb move. I've now modified her supers to be more unique to her, using moves that I don't normally use on my characters.
Name Pun: Rain. As in “water that falls form the sky.”  While she does not conform to the familial “named after chestnuts” thing, I figure her father has a weather type name, and the name came from there.


This outfit's called the Time Patrol Suit, which you get after beating the game the first time.  It's actually the clothes used for the promotional Time Patroller, the male Saiyan who looks like Gohan with red hair. You can also change the color of it, and this is the color scheme I like for it. I changed Rayne's hairstyle, because her original one clipped through the collar, and I thought the sunglasses fit her new look.  She's really come into her own after beating Demigra, and doing like all true masters of the Turtle School and truly making her fighting style her own.

Look forward to more DBXV/SWTOR stuff in the future, and stay beautiful freaks!

Friday, September 2, 2016

DBXV Character Profiles Round 7

Welcome back, my beautiful freaks, to the Assassin's Den!  Today, I'm posting a few new characters from Xenoverse that I've created and deleted.  And on one of them, I came up with an interesting idea. Anyway, on with the character pictures and basic profiles.

Name: Ario
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Species: Namekian
Home Planet: Earth
Profile:  Ario loves Earth. He loves everything about Earth.  The sights, the sounds, the martial arts, the clothes, all of it.  And the culture. The culture of the Earthlings (and Saiyans by proxy, since they've been intermingling with the Earthlings for over a century) that he adores. Other Namekians tell him that their own culture needs to be protected and cultivated, but why?  The Namekians lost. Their homeworld was destroyed by Mira in Age 853, and their warriors are hardly the strongest beings in the universe.  Earthlings though? They have so much opportunity to do great things, from fighting to science to philosophy.  And Ario will fight to defend the world he loves so much.

Personality: Wide eyed and idealistic.  Ario wants to do everything that the Earthlings do and take part of the world they've created.
Job: Time Patroller.
Name Pun: Like the other Namekians, Ario is taken from a slug species, the Ariolimacidae family of slugs.

I put Ario next to an in game Namekian to show how short he is. He is literally the smallest body type for Namekians.






Together, they are the Okara Squad!  A Saiyan Team who escaped left Sadala before its destruction (In all timelines, not just Peparia's), these five Saiyans found a sort of immortality in the farthest reaches of the universe, unexplored by the greater civilizations.  This immortality made it so they would not age, would not die from age, but are not invulnerable; they can still be killed by enough damage without healing, they still need to eat and drink, and they still need to sleep.  However, this immortality comes at a price; none are able to have children.

For the past 300 years, the Okara Squad has traveled the farthest reaches of the universe, bringing justice where there was none, and clashing with Frieza's Empire, and the Ginyu Force in particular.  Their main point of contention between the two teams is the symbol on their armors; to Okara and her team, the symbol represents the planet they left behind and subsequently lost, but to the Ginyu Force, it to represent their devotion to Frieza.  

However, Frieza and his empire do not see them as Saiyans, due to their lack of tails; like the Sadalan Saiyans in Universe 6 of Dragon Ball Super, these Saiyans have mastered the powers of the Oozaru, but without the need to transform. They have the 10x power boost, but without the need to use the moon to get that boost. This, combined with what the Saiyans became on Planet Vegeta, gave them more than enough reason to willingly cut off their tails permanently.

The Okara Squad are physically between the ages of 30 and 50, but due to their unaging immortality, all are over 300 years.   They have centuries of combat experience, and joined the Time Patrol after being asked by the Slayer of Demigra to lend their strength for the future.  (Alaka and Peparia in my case, but they were brought in by any future "Future Warrior" that I create. Right now, I'm trying to grind out outfits, moves and other stuff, so I'm not really focusing on a new "Future Warrior.)

Oh, and for Okara herself, the hair color's not natural.  A pureblood Saiyan's hair is black, so Okara dyes her hair every 20-50 years as a distinction as leader.  

As for my stories; I'm working on finishing Lair of the Shadow Broker, and then Arrival.  From there, I will finally do chapter 2 of Ragdat's Darkest Days.

But for now, stay beautiful freaks!