Sunday, October 23, 2016

DBXV Character Profiles Round 9

Welcome back, my beautiful freaks!  With Xenoverse 2 out now, on a system I still can't afford to get, I'm watching videos of it on youtube, and thus, have gotten the itch to play the first one again.  So, here's another character that I may recreate entirely in Xenoverse 2 when I finally get it.  Hopefully, the profits from the book I'm working on will let me settle a few things and finally get a PS4.  But for now, meet my new Time Patroller.

Age: 12 (Physically and emotionally, but not in terms of experience)
Gender: Female
Species: Majin
Home Planet: Earth
Profile:  Kazaa is curious about EVERYTHING.  Just barely into her species equivalent of adolescence, the world is bright and new to her.  She wants to learn and experience everything the world has to offer, and idolizes Alaka like no other.  In fact, she's figured out how to copy other people's move, just like her idol!  And while she doesn't want to copy her idol's fighting style exactly, she is doing as Alaka did in her efforts to stop Demigra; try out all kinds of moves and see what fits her best.

Personality: It's as if she's seeing the world for the first time, and that's not far from the truth.  She's the youngest time patroller in Conton City (the Xenoverse 2 hub world), and wants to show the older fighters that she's just as good as they are, all while absorbing all she can about world, both the scientific and mystical aspects of it. 
Job: Time Patroller.
Name Pun: Magic words.  And since she's supposed to tie into Alaka, her name ties into the magic word "Alakazam".

I went with Videl's clothes as a whole "young girl fighting outfit" thing, instead of the "Majin pride" thing that we see on Alaka.  Hopefully, when my book comes out and I've paid off a couple of things, I'll be able to get a PS4 and Xenoverse 2, and create Kazaa in effect there.  
And yes, I am writing a book. A work of original fiction, which is a LOT harder than I thought it would be.  I'll keep this blog in the loop in the process, but like any story I've ever written before, the start is the hardest.  
But for now, stay beautiful freaks!