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Assassin's Den Reviews: The Last Jedi

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Now, if you follow me on twitter, you know that I saw The Last Jedi yesterday.  And I'll be blunt; I like it, and I have no idea where all the fandom hate comes from.  Well, maybe some idea, but I'll talk about that later.

So, review time.  I'm going to say massive spoilers ahead, since I'm going to analyze character arcs and important plot moments in the movie.  So, if you haven't see it yet, be warned.

TLJ starts off where TFA ends; directly after it ends.  The First Order knows where the Resistance base is and are attacking it, forcing them to escape, while Rey is on Ahch-To, presenting herself to Luke Skywalker, to both get his help for the Resistance and her own training in the Force.  And with this setup, we have a few major threads; Rey's training with Luke, Rey's Force Bond with Kylo Ren, learning why Ben Solo became Kylo Ren, Finn's character grown, and the Resistance on the run from the First Order, who had developed technology to track ships through Hyperspace, forcing the Resistance to burn through their fuel to keep out of the range of the First Order turbolasers. 

Finn's adventure with new character Rose Tico is a result of the Resistance fleet being on the run; he has the idea to shut down the First Order scanners to let the Resistance escape into Hyperspace, but they require a slicer to get past the First Order security measures.  This leads Finn and Rose to the planet of Cantonica, where they look for the slicer at the Canto Bight casino.

The other major thread involves the Resistance fleet, Poe Dameron, Leia Organa, and Vice Admiral Holdo.  Admiral Holdo plans on getting the Resistance to an old Rebel Alliance base so the could get the Resistance into shuttles to get them down to the planet Crait while the First Order pounded the Resistance flagship.  Unfortunately, this plot thread circles back around with Finn's story, when the First Order realizes what is happening, and starts targeting the transports, forcing Admiral Holdo to turn the flagship around and ram right into the First Order ship, saving the Resistance and leading to the battle on Crait.

And now, we finally get to the focus on Rey.  Rey, who had been on Ahch-To, was on her path to opening her path to the Force under Luke's "tutelage", and we learned about her Force Bond with Kylo Ren and his history with Luke, from both sides.  A Bond so strong that Kylo and Rey are actually able to communicate telepathically. And not just the way Luke and Leia did, where he called out to her and she heard him. No, Rey and Kylo were able to have full conversations, and even, at one point, touch hands.  

After Rey gets opened to the Force and she gets the full story of Ben, she heads back to the Resistance fleet and gets her chance to meet Snoke in a similar way Luke met Palpatine in Return of the Jedi.  However, unlike Luke, Rey was not tempted by the Dark Side. But, neither was Kylo tempted tempted by the Light.  He may have killed Snoke, but it was to take his place as Supreme Leader of the First Order.

It's here when we come to the climax of the movie; attack of Crait, and the battle between "Luke" and Kylo Ren, which allows for the escape of the Resistance to the Millennium Falcon, which was being used by Rey and Chewbacca.  Luke, who had been on Ahch-To the whole time, used the Force to create a projection of himself as he was when Kylo last saw him, appeared to give the Resistance hope, and distract his nephew, giving a quick chat with his sister before going off to face is destiny.  A destiny that involved him becoming a Force Ghost, to help Rey continue her training as she fought for the Resistance in the next movie.

With the plot summary out of the way, I want to talk about two important characters, Rey and Leia.  I'll tackle Rey first, and say that, unlike Luke, she was never tempted by the Dark Side.  As was said several times in the movie, She was the Light to Kylo's Dark, but unlike the Jedi of the Clone Wars, she accepted the Dark, though she remained wary of its pull.  At a couple points, she used her anger for power, but didn't become a slave to it the way Anakin did decades earlier.  She was as the Jedi in the Old Republic era before the Clone Wars were; a defender of peace and protector hope, but didn't forget that she had to strive for balance. I'm eager to see how she turns out in Episode 9, and what kind of lightsaber she builds, and what color the crystals will be, since, according to the new canon, lightsaber crystals' color is determined by the user and their focus as a Force user.

Now, we talk about Leia. Even though it will have to be rewritten due to the untimely passing of Carrie Fisher, this movie set for Leia to be a major character in Episode 9, while at the same time being someone who is getting old and tired of losing friends.  From the beginning, Leia is mourning the loss of each and every soldier that falls, saying "too many" many times over.  She's tired, and just wants the fighting to be over, while at the same time, knows that she's the only person who can lead these young fighters.  Her name carries weight and she knows it, and she does everything she can to be a rallying figure to these young people.  Which is why it's such a tragedy that we never get to see it bear fruit, due to the Carrie Fisher no longer being with is.

Now, there's a lot of funny moments in this movie, and a lot of cool moments.  I laughed so hard when, in the beginning, when Rey handed Luke his father's lightsaber to him in a moment with such solemn music and dramatic looks on Rey's face, only for Luke to just toss the lightsaber over his shoulder and walk back to his house.  Or when Luke told Rey to close her eyes and reach out so she could touch the Force, and she misunderstood and reached out with her hand instead of her senses.  And the lightsaber duel between Kylo Ren and Rey on one side and Snoke's guards on the other? That was awesome. As was when Leia used the Force to save herself in the vacuum of space and return to safety on a Resistance flagship? That was awesome.

Now, I'd be remiss to not talk about Luke.  This is not Grandmaster Luke from Legends. This is not the man who has made every right decision since Return of the Jedi and successfully rebuilt the Jedi into the galaxy spanning heroes they were in their heyday.  This is a man who made mistakes. With Ben, with the Jedi, and with his family.  And instead learning from them, he ran from them, and exiled himself in the place the Jedi were born.  And until he finally talks to Yoda, (yes, Yoda is in the film. As a Force ghost, but still, Yoda's in the movie.) he resists the call to action.  But when he does, it's with a less flashy power than we saw him do in Legends, but no less impressive.  He uses the Force to create a tangible illusion who could interact with Leia, and even partially duel with his nephew on Crait.

Now, for my final thoughts.  I think the new trilogy is about sweeping the Skywalker lineage from the galaxy so a new generation can flourish.  Episodes 1-6 were all about how Anakin, Luke and Leia all shaped the galaxy, and if Rey and Kylo show us anything, it's time for a new generation to take their place, as is the fate of everything.  (Yes, I know Kylo Ren is technically a Skywalker, which is why I think he won't survive Episode 9).

All in all, I enjoyed the movie, as did my dad, who is best described as a casual fan; he'll watch the movies, but not much more than that.  If you haven't seen it, do so. Just don't let a love of Legends cloud what the movie is trying to do.

But for now, stay beautiful freaks!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Updates on my Novel

Welcome back, my beautiful freaks, to the Assassin's Den! 

Today, I launched my Patreon campaign!  But before I give you a link to it, I'm going to explain some of the questions and concerns you might have with Patreon.

First off, it's not e-begging.  You see, Patreon allows for a concept called "patronage". Patronage is the support, encouragement, privilege, or financial aid that an organization or individual bestows to another. In the history of art, arts patronage refers to the support that kings, popes, and the wealthy have provided to artists such as musicians, painters, and sculptors.  This allows artists to be able to focus on a financial unstable occupation and create works of art instead of having to take normal jobs that wouldn't give them free time to create their art.  Many famous artists, playwrights and others thrived on patronage by nobility.

Today, a LOT of Youtube content creators have gone to Patreon to supplement their income due to Youtube's changing landscape, the most recent being the adpocolypse that has affected 90% of the content creators that I watch being partially or fully demonitized. 

But Patreon has also helped artists, writers, even indie game developers.  It's allowing people to go for their dreams in a landscape where their dreams aren't exactly financially viable.  It's a great system for both creator and patron, because you can easily stop supporting a creator with no problem.

As for why I'm setting mine up now? Well, I'm in a rather poor state financially; I have trouble getting jobs, and when I do get them, I can't keep them for more than 6 months at a time.  I have a really bad sense of direction, so being an Uber driver is out, and I have health issues that makes certain jobs that I could get more difficult than they should be.  But with the support I'll get from Patreon, I'll be able to follow my dream, get my book published, and get paid for it as well!

So come check me out at, (Yes, this is my real name, but considering that it's going to be on the book, and how our ISPs can sell my personal information without my consent anyway, it doesn't matter anymore.), look forward to posts both here and Patreon, and stay beautiful freaks!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

SWTOR Cartel Market Items

Welcome back, my beautiful freaks, to the Assassin's Den!

So I'd just gotten my monthly subscriber cartel coin reward the other day, and I looked at the Cartel Market after the 5.5 update. And I shocked at what I saw; two formerly rare items right on the market; the Tythonian Force-Master Lightsaber, and the Cathar Honor Sword.

Now, on my server, these items were extremely expensive on the GTN; on the low end, people have sold them for 10 million credits.  And when I checked the day I saw them on the Cartel Market? The Lightsaber went for 14.5 million, and the sword for 45 million at the lowest.  You know how much they cost on the Cartel Market? 600 credits for the lightsaber, 500 for the sword.  The sword is essentially free for a subscriber; 1 month's worth of free Cartel Coins.  And the lightsaber is essentially free for a subscriber that uses a security key! So in essence, the only people who could buy these items off the GTN (since F2P and Preferred players have a 6 figure credit cap) can now get these items for free!

And I'm laughing at this point when I saw this; these people, who have held these items in their inventories/cargo holds for years from either buying them from other players, or having gotten these items when they originally dropped from Cartel Packs, are getting screwed by the fact that they're going to be super common now.  Now, at best, they'll only be able to get the low 6 figures out of them on the GTN from free players.  So keep that in mind when you're doing GTN speculation; no items will stay rare forever. :)

So anyway, I'm going to be launching my Patreon in the next few days, so I'll be doing a post on here and my twitter, so check that out when it happens. If you're a SWTOR player, check out my referral code, and stay beautiful freaks!

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Assassin's Den Musings: The Problem with Batman

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I know, I know, this is unusual; I've never talked about comics books on this blog.  However, it does link into something I am interested in; video games.  I was watching some youtube videos on the Injustice series; I watched the entire stories of Injustice 1 and Injustice 2, and I saw the focus on Batman and the Bat-family and all that came with it, and I realized something; Bruce Wayne is still Batman.

Hear me out on this; over the years, there have been 5 people who became Robin; Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake,Stephanie Brown and Damien Wayne.  There have been 4 women to become Batgirl; Barbara Gordon, Helena Bertinelli, Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown.  And there 3 men to be Batman; Bruce Wayne, Jean-Paul Valley and Dick Grayson.

Now, here's my problem; most of them went on to become something else. Dick Grayson became Nightwing, Jason Todd became Red Hood, Tim Drake became Red Robin, Stephanie Brown became Batgirl after her stint as Robin, Barbara Gordon became the paraplegic heroine Oracle, Cassandra Cain became Black Bat, Helena Bertinelli went back to being Huntress, Jean-Paul Valley went back to being Azrael.  But Bruce Wayne? He's the only constant Batman.  Both Jean-Paul Valley and Dick Grayson have given the cowl back to him.  The only time we ever see someone take up, and keep up, the cowl is in the DCAU series "Batman Beyond", where Bruce Wayne is a very old man, and cannot physically be Batman anymore.

Now, I don't have a problem with that. Bruce Wayne is the iconic Batman.  When you go see a movie or buy a bluray of Batman, you're expecting Bruce Wayne.  And the comics have to utilize the characters that are in the movies.  I get that, and I support that.

But that makes me think about Bruce Wayne's age; Dick Grayson, Jason Todd AND Tim Drake are all grown men.  Granted, Tim Drake is the youngest around 18-20 (depending on how much time passes in the comics), but Dick Grayson is at least in his late 20s.  Bruce Wayne was 25 when he started as Batman, and adopted Dick Grayson at 26.  Based on his age, he's running out of time to be Batman.  Injuries are eventually going to catch up with his age in time.

I know, I know, it's a comic book.  He won't be retiring, because DC wants to continue to sell books.  And there's weirder stuff that happens in comic books anyway, so of course, Bruce Wayne remains ageless.   But there was actually a very good story that shows Bruce Wayne aging; 1999's "Superman and Batman Generations", which starts in 1939 and shows Bruce Wayne passing on the cowl to Dick Grayson in the 60s, who is then forced to pass on the cowl himself to Bruce Wayne Jr in 1969 due to him being killed by the Joker (reminiscent of Jason Todd's death in 1988), only to take back the mantel of the Batman in 1999 after beating Ra's al Ghul in a battle in the Lazerus Pit. (Yes, it was as weird as it sounds, but it's comics, so whatever.")

Which brings me to the point of this post; I want to see Dick Grayson become Batman and stay Batman.  He's done the job twice, and did it very well both times, both after Jean-Paul Valley was stripped of the cowl at the end of the Knightfall arc, and again after Bruce Wayne's "death".  If DC gave a Dick Grayson Batman an ongoing Elseworlds series (DC's "What if" line), I'd buy it.  Dick Grayson put in the time, put in the effort, did everything he could to earn the cowl.  If anyone deserves to be Batman other than Bruce Wayne, it's Dick Grayson.

But I know it won't happen; Bruce Wayne's the iconic character; to the world, he IS the Batman, and he always will be.  In fact, to people outside the Batman fandom, they don't know that Dick Grayson's been anything but Robin.  They don't know about Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown or Damien Wayne.  So, yeah, I get it when DC just follows the money.  But still, I'd really love to see a series where Dick Grayson gets to become, and stay, Batman.

If I get any kind of response to this, I'll do a "The Problem with" other characters, like Superman and Spider-Man, but for now, stay beautiful freaks!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Assassin's Den Reviews: Crisis on Umbara

Welcome back, my beautiful freaks, to the Assassin's Den!

So, today, SWTOR Version 5.4 dropped today, and I'm going to talk about the Flashpoint.

I'll start with the mechanics.  You start on top of a train, fighting your way through a combination of Umbarans, who seem to use the Rattataki models, but without the head tattoos, and either Republic or Empire forces. Eventually, the traitor reveals himself (yes, it's a him. The woman most of us who THOUGHT was the traitor on Iokath is not the traitor, but they do work with him), and crashes the train, forcing you to fight through the forces you were fighting before and the wildlife, and face off against a couple bosses before the flashpoint ends.

Now, there's a boss fight that's currently bugged.  While still on the train, you fight a pair of Umbarans, as well as a bunch of spawning turrets. The fight has a Technician, and a Shadow Assassin.  But if you kill the wrong one first, the fight respawns.  You have to kill the Shadow Assassin first, or the quest completely resets.

But now, it's time to take the cat out of the bag and reveal the traitor; Theron Shan.  Now, I ran this flashpoint twice today, before going on to finish up my Hand of Jadus playthrough; with my LSM Guardian Ragdat, and my DSF Marauder Yokonari, who romanced both Quinn WAY back in the day, and Theron.  So, in a very literal sense, both men she fell in love with betrayed her and broke her heart.  (Yes, I know her story in my storyline said that she didn't romance either, but how I do her in game and how I write her don't have to be the same.)  Ragdat sided with the Republic on Iokath, and Yokonari was the only character to side with the Empire, so I got to see the differences between faction choices, as well as having read Theron's letters in the datamine before.  So, here's my thoughts on the storyline.

Honestly, Theron's betrayal of a LS character makes as much sense as what happened to the Inquisition at the end of DAI's Tresspasser DLC.  It feels forced based on the personality of the PC.  DS, however? Spot on.  Theron says that he wants an end to all the conflict, and a DS character is doing exactly the opposite.

Now, I'm going to be honest, I'm kind of happy this is pissing people off so much; not only is it within his character (he pretty much WAS the DS option in Shadow of Revan, after all, even though he supposedly mellowed between SoR and KOTFE), but it subverted expectations.  Everyone was guessing women based on the female figure at the end of Iokath, from Kira to Satele Shan to Shae Vizla to Hylo Visz, and nobody guessed a man due to the misdirection. 

The best part? The betrayal was foreshadowed WAY back in October 2015; Valkorian mentioned a traitor in KOTFE Ch9, after talking to Senya.  That led me to believe that the traitor had to be someone who was there from the start, and someone who didn't die over the course of the game.  That meant Theron, Tora, Lana (who, despite being Sith, is the most loyal of them all), Sana Rae, Bewyan Aygo, Hylo Visz, and Dr. Oggurobb.  And only one of them who has the skill and experience to pull it off for all this time.

As for Theron's final letter, here's how it works; you get one letter based on alignment (LS or DS), and a letter to his lover, which is overridden by the DS letter if you place a bounty on his head.  You also get a letter from your romance, and I'm looking forward to seeing the letters from Jorgan, Dorne, Lana, Vette, and the eventual romanced letter from Theron to Baste'mer'ioz, whom I did an LS romance with Theron.

Anyway, check out my referral link if you play, check out my twitter, and stay beautiful freaks!

Friday, August 18, 2017

SWTOR Character Tales Update: Protagonists Character Sheets

Welcome back, my beautiful freaks, to the Assassin's Den!  And today, we round out the character sheets with our protagonists, Ragdat and Mamine. 

Name: Ragdat
Gender: Male
Species: Rattataki
Age: 39 standard years (34 biologically, due to being frozen for 5 years)
Homeworld: Rattatak, but was found by the Jedi on Nar Shaddaa
Class: Jedi Guardian
Fighting Style: Battlemaster, but focuses on Form V (both variants) and Form II Lightsaber combat
Romance: Kira Carsen
Personality Profile:  "The galaxy has changed since you were frozen.  The Republic and Empire are no longer as strong as they were, and the Eternal Empire that Vitiate claims to be his true focus is now the dominant force.  On top of that, your family has disappeared, and you've got Vitiate stuck in your head, trying to turn you to the Dark Side with his 'help'.  It's strange that he's not actively trying to corrupt you, but this is merely a more insidious way to turn you, since his previous attempt at forcing you down that path failed in the long run.

But all hope is not lost.  Your family may be gone, but the friends and allies you made on Rishi and Yavin are still around, and they want to help you.  They're giving you the resources you need take on Arcann and the Eternal Empire, and a couple of your friends want to help you get Vitiate out of your head. And maybe now, you can take the fight to those who took so much from you, and get back to what matters; defending the innocent from those who would hurt them."

Name: Mamine (pronounced Ma-Me-Nay)
Gender: Female
Species: Cathar
Age: 36 standard years (31 biologically)
Homeworld: None (Exiled)
Class: Jedi Sentinel
Fighting Style: Battlemaster, but prefers Form IV Lightsaber combat, with a focus on the Jar'Kai techniques and unarmed combat
Romance: Archiban "Doc" Kimble, though she broke up with him when he proposed to her.
Personality Profile: "You've made great strides in rejecting the Dark Side, in climbing out of the dark hole you'd been unknowingly drowning in.  You now understand the consequences of your actions and how they affect others, and you take care to not hurt people intentionally.  And even though they can no longer legally acknowledge you due to the nature of a Cathar exile, you know you're making your parents and the shaman proud.

But your greatest test is still ongoing.  Because now, Vitiate is once again in your head, but unlike before, he's not trying to dominate you.  No, he's offering power and 'wisdom', though you know the latter is nothing of the sort.  And the power that he offers no longer appeals to you, as well; you know that the power of the Dark Side only leads to pain.

When the time comes, you'll be happy to be rid of him, but right now, his knowledge of Zakuul's practices and rites is useful.  Still, you don't trust him.  He offered his power when you met him as Valkorian for a reason, and you want no part of it."

Now, I'm going to be busy for a few days, preparing for the solar eclipse on Monday; we may not get totality in my area, but I promised a few neighborhood kids that I'd play "science teacher" for them when it happens, and explain what's going on and why it's so cool.

But for now, check out my referral link if you play, and stay beautiful freaks!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

SWTOR Character Tales: Jedi Order Character Sheets

Welcome back, my beautiful freaks, to the Assassin's Den!  It's time to redo the character sheets for the members of the Jedi Order who are not the protagonists!

Name: Vedere Marr
Gender: Female
Species: Miraluka
Age: 31 standard years
Homeworld: Alpheridies
Class: Jedi Shadow
Fighting Style: Form VI Lightsaber Combat
Romance: Currently none, formerly Lemda Avesta
Personality Profile: "With the majority of the Jedi Council gone and Master Satele missing, you are the de-facto Grandmaster, though you haven't officially taken the title due to your youth.  However, this doesn't change the fact that you're keeping the Jedi Order organized and protecting the people of the Republic, and directing them via the holonet.

However, this responsibility hasn't stopped you from your research into Ragdat's destiny.  You've seen the reports of what he did while you were chasing down the Children of the Emperor, and you've noticed his path intersect with Vitiate and Revan's at many points.  Their destinies seem to be intertwined, so you've retreated back to your homeworld and using the meditation chambers to see more clearly into the future.  And now that he's back, you've noticed that his destiny and Vitiate's combine.  Combine that with his efforts to stop the Eternal Empire, the Force seems to congregate around him, and you need to find out why."

 Name: Vhizdam
Gender: Male
Species: Miraluka
Age: 39 standard years
Homeworld: Alpheridies
Class: Jedi Sentinel
Fighting Style: Knows all 7 forms, but prefers Form VI Lightsaber Combat
Personality Profile: "Hard to believe that Vedere is leading the Jedi Order, but she's been through a LOT in the last fifteen years.  You remember her studying with your sister for the tests in their respective realms, and now, she's steeped in the mysticism of the Force.  However, no matter how powerful or knowledgeable he is, she's never been the greatest fighter.  She's always preferred deceiving her foes and striking from the shadows over a straight up fight.

And that is why you stand at her side, protecting her.  As one of the Battlemasters of the order who trains people in lightsaber combat styles, you know the best ways to keep this young Jedi Master alive.  If she falls, the Order will descend into chaos."

Name: Chas'Raan
Gender: Female
Species: Twi'lek
Age: 29 standard years
Homeworld: Coruscant
Class: Jedi Shadow
Fighting Style: Forms III and IV Lightsaber combat
Personality Profile: "Even though they fed you, clothed you and trained you, you've never really felt that you fit in with the Jedi.  Oh sure, you believe in the principles of the Order; of helping the helpless, protecting the weak and all that, but you've never really felt like you fit their mold.

Luckily, Vedere's leadership has made you feel more at home.  With so few Jedi left, Vedere has done away  with a LOT of the things that bothered you about the Order before, like the rules about attachment or emotion.  Today, you work as a scout for the Order, and by proxy by Ragdat's Alliance, to do something about the oppression of the Eternal Empire."
Special note: Similar to Corran Horn after her, Chas'Raan struggles with telekinesis.  Floating a stone is difficult for her, and doing things like throwing her lightsaber is nearly impossible. However, she excels in mind tricks, Force Cloak, and energy absorption. In fact, it takes an infusion of energy, through things like electricity, fire and other types, for her to use telekinesis with any power.

I kind of cheated with her new outfit; I created a boosted 65 Trooper, then just used the preview screen to put her lightsaber in her hand. I had planned on capturing the headshot in that armor too, since I REALLY like that scarf, but I made a mistake and chose the wrong eye color. And rather than go back and rebuild her a second time, I just decided to use the old picture for the headshot.

Gender: Male
Species: Pureblood Sith
Age: 50 standard years
Homeworld: Dromund Fels
Class: Jedi Sage
Fighting Style: Mastered Form I Lightsaber combat
Romance: Nadia Grell
Personality Profile: "You're tired.  Of the constant warfare, of the mistrust even after a decade, of people not listening.  The White Knights, the Republic, the Jedi one seems to trust you.  Your record should speak for itself that you know what you're talking about, but no matter how much you prove yourself, people seem to doubt you.

First it was the White Knights serving Vitiate.  Then, it was was the threat that the Hand of Jadus represented that was ignored.  And now, it's the importance of the Republic and the Empire working together that people are ignoring.  If it wasn't for the people who have seen what you've seen personally trusting you, those who have fought at your side and have been taught by you accepting your words without hesitation, you'd go off and become the wise hermit on a remote world that you'd thought about becoming after you left the White Knights.

But not all hope is lost. A few who believe you have powerful connections, and they've been working to stop what you've been warning about for over a decade.  And you'll fight and protect and teach until this war with Arcann, Vaylin and Vititiate is over. But once that's over, you're done.  You're leaving the Republic, the Empire, the Jedi and the Sith behind and becoming the hermit that you feel you're meant to become.  And once you do, you're not coming back."

Yeah, I added some more years to him, since Cavik96 once mentioned he seemed "too young" based on his initial profile and setup.  I agree, and thus, he's about a decade older.

 Name: Suthazi
Gender: Female
Species: Cathar
Age: 15 standard years
Homeworld: Cathar
Class: Jedi Padawan/Jedi Guardian Tank Focus
Fighting Style: Unmastered Form I and III Lightsaber combat
Personality Profile: "When people think about Jedi and war, the last thing people think is about the Padawan who loses their Master.  A few return to the Order's headquarters, but most fall, either to the Dark Side, the Sith or bounty hunters.

This is unacceptable to you.  As one of the few Padawans your age with any real combat training, you've been traveling the galaxy in Mamine's old Defender starship, forming what you're calling 'The Padawans' Collective', gathering other displaced Padawans and completing as much of your training as you can.

But no matter what you do, it's not enough.  You're one of the oldest of the displaced Padawans, and your training is far from complete.  You may be somewhat combat trained, but you'd die if you try fighting a Sith.  Also, you lack resources; only two members of the Collective have built their lightsabers, and while the mechanical components are easy to get, safe places to get crystals are not.  You'd try to make synth crystals, but you lack knowledge there as well.

But there's hope. Theron Shan found out what you're doing, and has been leading you toward resources and knowledge, and now, back to Mamine.  You were overjoyed to hear that she's alive, and you're eager to show her just how much you've grown."

Yeah, I added a year to Suthazi. But I figured "Maybe she celebrated a birthday just after Mamine disappeared?" and went with it.

 Name: Daashla Myr
Gender: Female
Species: Togruta
Age: 60 standard years
Homeworld: Shili
Class: Jedi Sage
Fighting Style: Forms II, III and IV Lightsaber combat
Personality Profile: "You've spent your life teaching the unteachable; training students that would have trouble following the Light to doing so.  And over the decades, you've had a great many successes, partially because of your own issues.  Many Togruta Jedi have trouble with their early training, due to feelings of isolation and depression due to your communal nature, and you weren't an exception.  But through patience and efforts taken to bond with your students, you've helped many Jedi get over their issues, or at least able to cope with them, and become great Jedi Masters.

But you also have failures. And Suthazi was the most recent.  Your failure to truly connect with this girl, your lack of experience with her problems, caused her to die when the Eternal Empire attacked Alderaan. She didn't follow your orders, and attacked when she should have retreated, and perished in battle.

But masters like you are still needed. You've spent the last three years seeking out Padawans displaced by the war, comforting them, helping them get through their fears, and training them when you have the time. But you're only one Master, dealing with nearly a dozen students.  You can't connect with them all. But thankfully, you no longer have to, thanks to Master Vedere contacting you about Master Ragdat's Alliance.  Maybe now, you can succeed where you failed with Suthazi."

Yep, Daashla Myr is the second reason I decided to make the universes "dark mirrors" of each other.

And with the last group out, I'm ready to redo the protagonists character sheets.   And they're getting the smallest changes to them; pretty much an age, fighting style and romance choice update.  But for now, check out my referral link if you play, and stay beautiful freaks!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

SWTOR Character Tales Udate: White Knight Character Sheets

Welcome back, my beautiful freaks, to the Assassin's Den!  Today, we tackle the updated character sheets of the fallen White Knight Sith Lords.

Name: Yokonari
Gender: Female
Species: Pureblood Sith
Age: 34 standard years
Homeworld: Dromund Fels
Class: Sith Maurader
Fighting Style: Jar'Kai using Ataru, though she's added Djem So into her fighting style.
Romance: None, but has feelings for Casek
Personality Profile: "The White Knights are destroyed.  The identity of every single one was discovered by the Hand of Jadus, and he personally led the operation to destroy the organization, due to your mandate being the opposite of his master. And you and Casek were captured.

For two years, you were tortured.  Your dominant arm was ruined by the Hand's interrogators, and now requires cybernetics to be able to move and strength boosting armor to be able to fight with anything close to what you used to be able to do.  You also require other cybernetic upgrades even move around, thanks to...something that the Hand of Jadus did to you. 

It took Anstrisil's Rattataki mercenary pair to free you two, and even then, you've been stewing in your rage.  You've spent the last three years fighting both the Eternal Empire and the Hand of Jadus.  You and Casek will have your revenge on both the cause of your suffering and the those who betrayed you to them."

Name: Casek (pronounced Cah-zek)
Gender: Male
Species: Zabrak
Age: 32 standard years
Homeworld: Dromund Fels
Class: Sith Sorcerer
Fighting Style: Makashi
Romance: Ashara Zavros, though she thinks he's dead. Has feelings for Yokonari.
Personality Profile: "You never understood the lure of the Dark Side until your torture at the hands of the Hand of Jadus.  Your jaw being repeatedly shattered due to the dangers of allowing a Sith Sorcerer the chance to speak, you now require a vocalizer to speak and a mask to help you breathe and a tube to eat. The pain alone makes you now understand the rage that now fuels the both you, though Yokonari has it FAR worse than you ever did, due to the retrovirus they inserted into her genetic structure destroying her from the inside.

For the past three years, you, Yokonari and the Rattataki mercenaries have fought back against the Hand of Jadus' resources and searched for artifacts of power to give you all an edge that you sorely lack. You eventually found them, and destroyed the entire organization, finally finding the Hand himself. Yokonari was able to strike the Hand down not long before Anstrisil contacted you, but only after you tortured him yourself for three days.

But you know that the only way to have true revenge is take down the ones who made this all possible; Arcann, Vaylin, and Vitiate. Anstrisil has contacted you, and told you that Mamine is back and gathering allies.  And if that Jedi can get you what you need to strike back, then you will work with her.  But you will never be a victim again."

And in case you're wondering, no, the disease that's infected Yokonari is NOT the same one as the one that killed Nok Drayen, though it is based on it.  It won't kill her, but it does make her a LOT weaker, thus necessitating the cybernetics to get around, and the pain fuels her command of the Dark Side, thus, making her somewhat strong again.

I'll be doing the Jedi Order next, and then finish off with the Protagonists.  But for now, check out my referral code if you're playing, and stay beautiful freaks!

Monday, August 14, 2017

SWTOR Character Tales Update: Outlaws Character Sheets

Welcome back, my beautiful freaks, to the Assassin's Den! Today, we tackle the people who deal mostly with the underworld, the Outlaws!  Be warned, this entry's got a LOT of pictures. :)

Name: Maircus
Gender: Male
Species: Human
 Age: 43 standard years
Homeworld: Telos IV
Class: Mercenary
Fighting Style: Telos police academy training combined with Mandalorian training in jetpack combat and self training with most of his equipment.
Romance: Mako
Personality Profile: "All you want is a safe and orderly galaxy.  As the Grand Champion of the Great Hunt, the Mandalorian who killed Darth Tormen and a Republic Federal Marshall, you've got what you need to keep the worst criminals off the streets and either behind bars or taking a dirt nap.

Or at least, you used to.  With Arcann's invasion of both the Republic and the Empire, you've lost your two biggest clients; they can't pay you like they used to.  And you don't have sanction to hunt bounties in Zakuul territory either, and your targets know it.  The worst of the Blacklist ran right into the Eternal Empire's boarders and either operate their criminal empires there or operate as they had before.

Luckily, the Jedi Master Ragdat is gathering an Alliance of Republics and Imperials to do what they can't do alone.  And with his efforts to fight back against Arcann, you'll get the chance to show the worst of the galaxy that they can't escape the arm of the law forever."


Name: Gua'llisan'ireshoth, though most just use her core name, Allisani
Gender: Female
Species: Chiss
Age: 46 standard years
Homeworld: Csilla
Class: Operative
Fighting Style: Classified
Romance: None
Personality Profile: "The Sith Empire is falling, but Csilla is not yet safe.  The Eternal Empire is a greater threat to your homeworld than the Sith Empire ever was.  And not the Jedi, not even the Republic seem to have enough strength to take them on.

Luckily, not only does the network you've built since going dark survived, its grown.  You not only have agents in both the Republic and Sith Empire, but you've also got agents in the Eternal Empire.  And it is this information that you readily give to the Alliance Commander Ragdat; only he seems to have enough strength to combat them."

Name: Curoda
Gender: Female
Species: Mirialan
Age: 41 standard years
Homeworld: Mirial
Class: Scoundrel
Fighting Style: Self-taught based around weak Force Sensitivity
Romance: Corso alone currently (She's polyamorous)
Personality Profile: "The Port Nowhere Pirate Fleet would have descended into chaos were it not for you.  With the galaxy in its current state, these pirates would have started attacking ships from all over the place without you keeping them on track and directed at the place that would make them the most profit; the Eternal Empire.  This has also given your ships and blasters a LOT of upgrades that Sith Empire and Republic aligned vessels couldn't dream of.

But for you, its as much of a moral thing as it is a profit one.  The Republic has brought a LOT of peace and prosperity when the galaxy was not at war, and you're not certain the Eternal Empire would offer the same thing.  In fact, due to what Master Ragdat has told you, they're likely as bad as the Sith Empire, due to the man ruling it now being the son of Vitiate in a different body.  And the son of a man who wanted to consume all life in the galaxy is not someone who would rule the galaxy fairly."

Yep, tons of new outfits. The black one is a replacement for the old brown longcoat.

Name: Azulini
Gender: Female
Species: Rattataki
Age: 32 standard years
Homeworld: Rattatak
Class: Mercenary
Fighting Style: Brutality.  She likes to hurt people, and she's learned the best ways to do this.
Romance: Hardatt
Personality Profile:"Savage. Brutal. Violent.  These are the things that people would call you, but growing up in the Rattatak wastes made you this way.  A life without a ready supply of food, clean water, a safe place to sleep or even clothes has made you focused first on survival, with everything else being secondary.

However, this means that there is a LOT of galactic society that confuses you; social cues, how bargain without offending, even the language at times.  Heck, even emotional stuff occassionally confuses you.  And when things start to frustrate you, you tend to start shooting things.  But with your husband Hardatt's help, you've been making your way in the galaxy, making credits and killing people who get in your way."

Name: Hardatt
Gender: Male
Species: Rattataki
Age: 35 standard years
Homeworld: Nal Hutta
Class: Gunslinger
Fighting Style: Twin-blaster
Romance: Azulini
Personality Profile: "Your wife may be the brawn of the relationship, but you are the brains.  Growing up under the thumb of the Hutts, you've learned how to think on you feet and talk your way out of anything.  You've mastered huttese and basic, and you know how to get as much money as you want from anyone.

You also know the best ways to get money and see action, and right now, that's working with the Sith Lords Yokonari and Casek and aiding in their quest for revenge.  This has given you and Azulini a lot of ships to raid, a lot of homes to rob and a lot of people to kill.  Yep, life is good right now, and you'll do what you can to keep it that way."

I got some better gloves for him.

Tomorrow, I do the Jedi Order members, and then, finally, the protagonists. Also, I've added a tag for character sheets, so you can easily find them easier.  But for now,  check out my referral link if you play,  and stay beautiful freaks!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

SWTOR Character Tales Update: SpecForce Character Sheets

Welcome back, my beautiful freaks, to the Assassin's Den! Today, I bring you SpecForce members of the Alliance.

Name: Colonel Amelisan Strannos
Gender: Female
Species: Human Cyborg
Age: 35 standard years
Homeworld: Coruscant
Class: Commando
Fighting Style: Special Forces military training, which includes blaster pistols, rifles and her chosen assault cannon, but also grenades, basic demolitions, melee combat with a vibroblade and her blaster, and other aspects that are classified.
Romance: Aric Jorgan
Personality Profile: "They say rank has its privileges, but it also has its responsibilities.  And you've been 'kicked upstairs', forced to sit behind a desk and command a SpecForce division while your former command has been picked apart, leaving only Jorgan as part of Havoc, with the rest either voluntarily ending their enlistment, removed from Havoc for political reasons, taken off the battlefield altogether, or, in one case, dishonorably discharged.  And while it's career suicide to deny advancement when your superiors think you're ready, sitting behind a desk is not what you signed up for.  You signed up to fight, and all the cybernetic enhancements you've gotten over the years are going to waste.

Thankfully, you've been given an option; Ragdat's Alliance. They've promised that you'll get the chance to fight.  And while you'll always be grateful to the Republic for letting you fight in the first place, that's what you want to do; fight.  And if joining the Alliance will let you do that, then that's what you're going to do."

I don't have any close up for her, so this is the only picture I've for her.

Name: Major Kekshark
Gender: Male
Species: Cathar
Age: 38 standard years
Homeworld: Cathar
Class: Commando
Fighting Style: Special Forces military training, which includes blaster pistols, rifles and her chosen assault cannon, but also grenades, basic demolitions, melee combat with a vibroblade and her blaster, and other aspects that are classified.
Profile:  Commanding Officer of an exclusively Cathar unit that Amelisan personally spoke to about joining the Alliance. Trained as an UneXploded Ordinance (UXO) unit, Major Kekshark is great at cleaning up battlefields after the battles are over.  That said, his unit is perfectly capable of fighting on the front lines.

Name: Captain Baste'mer'ioz
Gender: Female
Species: Chiss
Age: 42 standard years
Homeworld: Csilla
Fighting Style: Special Forces military training, which includes blaster pistols,and rifles, but also grenades, basic demolitions, melee combat with a vibroblade and her blaster, and other aspects that are classified. She, and her unit, also have special space jump and underwater training.
Profile:  Commanding Officer of a multi-species marine unit, trained to handle any kind of combat scenario.  She defected from the Ascendancy when they chose to ally themselves with the Empire, and joined the Republic to bring the fight to them.  Today, she leads a specially trained unit to handle any situation that comes up, including boarding spacecrafts while they are engaged in active combat.  Through their active sabotage, Baste'mer'ioz's unit are able to either capture, or destroy, an Eternal Fleet ship from the inside.

Baste'mer'ioz will show up in both stories when it comes time to take the GEMINI ship in KOTFE Ch15.  Kekshark, however, will not show up beyond a basic cameo that Mamine or Ragdat see talking to either Aygo or Amelisan, depending on the universe.  And if you're wondering who I romanced with them in my playthroughs, Elara and Theron Shan.

But for now, make use of my referral like if you play, and stay Beautiful Freaks!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

SWTOR Character Tales Update: Darth Nox Manor Character Sheets Update

Welcome back, my beautiful freaks, to the Assassin's Den!  Today, it's time for Darth Nox and her family!

Name: Darth Nox
Gender: Female
Species: Twi'lek
 Age: 35 standard years
Homeworld: Nowhere she wishes to admit to
Class: Sith Assassin
Fighting Style: Form II Lightsaber combat
Romance: None
Personality Profile: "You are amused at how much your current situation mirrors Vitiate's before the Great Hyperspace War; you've taken the majority of your Sphere and hidden yourself on a small world, away from the politics of the Empire, Republic and Eternal Empire in order to perform your research.  That's not to say you didn't experience losses; the entire Silencer Fleet was destroyed in order for you to keep your location safe and secure.  For now, you're content to rule over your world, building your forces and continuing your research.

And the Jedi Master Ragdat may be the lynchpin TO completing your research.  Your research is in to separating a ghost from a body, and right now, Vitiate is inhabiting Ragdat's body, though Ragdat seems to have complete control.  You know that Vitiate has the power to transfer himself from one body to another, and if you can not only get him out, but stop him from jumping again, then maybe, just maybe, you can bind him to your will."

Name: Gentugo
Gender: Male
Species: Twi'lek
 Age: 39 standard years
Homeworld: Nowhere he wishes to admit to
Class: IA is closest analogue, though he has abilities they don't.
Fighting Style: Form II Lightsaber combat, blasters, the ability to use the Force power of an enemy as your own.
Romance: Koyi'shak
Personality Profile:  "Protect the boy. That is the mandate Koyi has given you.  This two year old child of hers carries both the blood and the power of Kallig; he exhibits Force sensitivity even at this early age, showing great potential for what he could do for the future.  And it is this reason that you were trained by Koyi to do what you can do.  To drain the Force from your enemy. To use all types of blasters, melee weapons and explosives.  To end those who would dare threaten his life.

But most importantly, this boy is your son.  And you will NOT be the father to him that yours was to you, who sold your mother to slavery while she was pregnant with you.  You will be the father that all boys deserve, and make sure that he grows up to show the strength that both his mother and father awakened to."

And here's a new one.

Name: Micbra Kallig
Gender: Male
Species: Twi'lek
Age: 2 standard years
Homeworld: His mother will not tell anyone where he is.
Class: Force Sensitive
Fighting Style: Telekineticly fueled temper tantrums.
Romance: He's a toddler!
Personality Profile:  He's a Force Sensitive, Sith raised toddler who has food and toys to play with. He's happy with his existence, and has no motivations beyond playing, eating and learning from his mother and father.

No pictures for Micbra.  There's no in game means to create a toddler, so I'm not going to.  Besides, it adds to the mystery of who this kid is.

Name: Tavella
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 44 standard years
Homeworld: Dromund Kaas
Class: Sith Sorceress
Fighting Style: Form III Lightsaber combat
Romance: Doesn't matter
Personality Profile: "Ruthlessly searching for knowledge, Tavella followed Darth Nox when she took her sphere to [redacted] to continue her research into the mysteries of the Force, and Revan's connection to Vitiate."

As for the future, I'm going to group them as follows; SpecForce, Outlaws, White Knights, Jedi Order and protagonists.  You'll see in the next few days who goes in what group.

But for now, check out my referral code, and stay beautiful freaks!

Friday, August 11, 2017

SWTOR Character Tales: House Adas Character Sheets Update

Welcome back, my beautiful freaks, to the Assassin's Den!  It's time for the new character sheets for the members of House Adas.

Now, two of the characters will show up in each universe.  I'll mention which universe they belong to in each character sheet.  And remember, this is part of my updated timeline; 2 years for the vanilla game, 5 years between the end of Corellia and Ziost, and then the 5 year timeskip.

Name: Adaso
Gender: Male
Species: Pureblood Sith
Age: 35 standard years
Homeworld: Jaguada's moon
Class: Sith Juggernaut
Fighting Style: Form V lightsaber combat, both the Shien and Djem So variants.
Romance: Dark Side Jaesa
Personality Profile: "Before Zakuul invaded, you had it all; money, influence, access to the best training, and the new armor your parents got you after what the Emperor did.  Darth Marr even raised you to a Darth, so you'd be on more even footing with him and Darth Nox when dealing with diplomacy and other important things.

But that all changed when Zakuul invaded.  Darth Marr died in the initial invasion, and Darths Nox and Vowrawn disappeared, removing your support among the Dark Council, and when the others died and disappeared, Darth Acina not only declared herself Empress, but she also marshaled the Imperial army against your house, destroying your family, your servants and your militia, leaving only you, your Mandalorian brother Colmallus, and your younger sister Brosra alive, though Brosra didn't survive long after.

Now, you have nothing.  You have a Darth title, but no power base. You have a small force of Mandalorians at your disposal, but no resources for them.  And Vitiate is to blame.  The only way you'll get your revenge on him is to join Ragdat's Alliance take the fight to Zakuul, and eventually, Acina's Empire."

Name: Colmallus
Gender: Male
Species: Pureblood Sith
Age: 40 standard years
Homeworld: Jaguada's moon
Class: Powertech/Juggernaut hybrid.  He has the arsenal of the Powertech, but forgoes the jetpack and pistol for the Force and a Lightsaber, but he has a lot of the abilities of the Juggernaut as well.
Fighting Style: Form VII Lightsaber combat
Personality Profile: "Part of you feels great satisfaction over your parents' death.  Not because Laurus tried to kill you to focus on the named heir. No, it was because he wasn't strong enough to succeed.  Your father waited too long before he chose to get rid of you to focus on Adaso.

That said, despite giving up all rights to your titles and name, you don't want to see the legacy of Adas end.  That's why you formed your clan and joined Adaso in the first place; he deserves having forces at his control, and having a clan of Mandalorians at his command shows just how powerful he is.

But things have not gone as well as they should have.  You only have a dozen warriors out of the hundred that you had before, and half of them aren't fit to fight anymore.  But the worst part is that they didn't fall to the Republic or the Eternal Empire.  No, Darth Acina, the acting Empress of the Sith Empire, attacked Adaso's house and destroyed your warriors over a petty concern that he'll take her throne.  And when the war with the Eternal Empire that Adaso is focused on is over, Darth Acina will pay for destroying everything you hold dear." (In Mamine's universe, remove all mention of Adaso, and he's just a loyal Mandalorian under Shae Vizla's command.)

And finally, we have the member of House Adas who only exists in Rise of Mamine.  And here, Adaso was not the Emperor's Wrath, but he was still the named male heir and Dark Lord of the Sith (the Darth title).

Name: Brosra
Gender: Female
Species: Pureblood Sith
Age: 13 standard years
Homeworld: Jaguada's moon
Class: Sith Sorceress
Fighting Style: Form I Lightsaber Combat
Personality Profile: "You deserve better than you have.  You were a member of House Adas, the oldest bloodline in the Empire, even older than the Emperor himself, and you grew up in privilege, with the intention of being named the female heir for your bloodline, if you survived into adulthood.  But that changed when Zakuul attacked the Empire. This gave that treacherous snake Acina to make her bid for control of the Empire.  She launched a full assault on your home after proclaiming herself Empress, slaughtering your brother Adaso before your eyes as he tried to get you to safety, as you were too young to begin your training at the time.

But Acina still captured you.  And for years, she tortured you.  But through torture, you felt pain. And through pain, your power in the Dark Side grew.  And with power came knowledge; somehow, you tapped into ancient knowledge known by your ancestor, King Adas.  You learned how to subsist entirely on the Dark Side of the Force, no longer requiring food, water or even sleep.  You learned ancient Sith Magic and Alchemy rituals, granting you power to eventually escape.  You learned how to dominate minds, both great and small, and even crack through the mental barriers OF the strong. And you learned energy based powers, like lightning, which allowed you to fight your to freedom.

Today, you work with the Jedi Padawan's Collective to continue your training, though you refuse to try to corrupt them to the Dark Side; the Dark Side is not for the unworthy, and these Jedi are unworthy.  Still, they are useful; they provided materials to build both a lightsaber and a synthetic crystal, knowledge of which you have passed on to them, and they assist you in your search for holocrons in return for access to your wealth to give them food, fuel and other necessities as they travel around the galaxy.

Still, you have a lot to learn before you will be ready to face Acina; you know nothing about lightsaber combat beyond what the Padawans have taught you. The same with telekinesis and barriers against it.  And you know these Padawans knowledge is woefully incomplete as well.  So when Suthazi told the Collective that they were joining Mamine's Alliance, you know you'd have access to Jedi and Sith to complete your training. And when it's done, Acina will pay."

And there we go. I hope that explains any confusion over Brosra's existence.  I'll be doing a group a day for until I've got these done, some will get more of a write up than the others, but you'll get to see how they all fit in with the stories.

But for now, check out my referral link if you're a subscriber, and stay beautiful freaks!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

SWTOR Character Tales Update: New Character Sheets

Welcome back, my beautiful freaks, to the Assassin's Den!

So, the other day, I was looking for the ambient dialogue from all the classes, and I stumbled on the youtube channel of Roksik.  She did a video of all the classes ambient dialogue, but she also did two other things I liked seeing. First off, she did a series of videos that not only showed the class specific stuff in KOTFE/KOTET, but also some cut dialogue.  They were all interesting, and I encourage you guys to not only check them out, but ask if she'll do Iokath and everything yet to come.

Second, on her channel, I saw a video detailing an Imperial Agent that became the Hand of Jadus, and it looked a LOT more fun than I thought it would.  Here's the video, if you're interested;

This got me interested enough to make the current Agent I'm running into the Hand of Jadus himself.  So, with that in mind, here's the White Knight universe's Imperial Agent, the Hand of Jadus Jahwill.

No, he will not show up in the story, but the effects of his actions will be felt.  Combining his introduction with a discussion I had with a few people in SWTOR about the game's timeline; basically each update was one year of time in the universe until KOTFE's timeskip.  So, instead of the two years I had planned to have passed, I'm changing the timeline to 5 years having passed.  This will require updates to character sheets, which I have no problem doing, since a few of them are outdated anyhow.  This time, however, I'll be grouping by class and character affiliation, the romance for the main characters, the importance of the character in the story, whether or not they are main characters, cameos or mentions, and the updates on their fighting styles if they're Jedi or Sith.  I'll start in a few days, and hopefully be done by the time 5.4 drops at the end of the month. I'm really excited by what I read from the datamine I saw on the SWTOR reddit, and I'm really wondering how these characters will react to the traitor, even though it won't be covered in they stories, since I'm stopping after Ragdat and Mamine have stopped Valkorian.

But for now, make use of my referral link if you play, and stay beautiful freaks!